2014 All School Reunion
Sorry we have to share space, 2002 photos follow this one.

Our 1st, 100th and 200th registration Felix Pin winners.

1st~~Jeri Kopfman Vonda

100th~~Marilyn Dupont

200th~~Robin Lumpkins Butler

Atrium Area

Registration Room and Coffee table

Paula Bliss Bieberle & Pat Werther Douglas working hard.

Kats Kraft Shoppe

The Atrium mascot and watchdog, Danner
along with Major Towns

Thursday Burger Night

BBQ before Homecoming Friday

Saturday afternoon alumni meeting

Waiting for time to start.

Hope he is shaking that finger at Vickie.

You really need to attend this meeting if you are able. We keep it brief
but catch up on business and have election of officers. Have a say on
who is in office. And we like your input.

Saturday night Banquet

Gene McFarland presented the oldest alumni gift by Alvin Heine.
Felix mug filled with Hersey kisses

Mark Coffman presented the youngest alumni gift by Janet Kirsch Gray
Felix baby bottle filled with M&M's

Mary Taylor Johnson presented with Award for Service
on alumni Committee by Gerald Cole

Janet Kirsch Gray, Sherry Bliss Cole, Vickie Neal Wilkerson
announcing winner of quilt made and donated by Vickie

And the winner of the quilt is Debbie Denney Easterling

Nadine Fuller wins Felix watch, each winner chose a balloon to pop to see which prize they got

Peggy Ashley wins $20.00

Harold Goble wins $20.00

Jackie Messick Pryce wins $20.00

Ella Mae Sharpe wins the Felix cookie jar

Marcia Tharp Alexander wins Registration returned. $40.00

Jerome Steffan wins donated gift bag

Jean Lindsay Sink wins a donated wooden wall hanging made by Jay Laessig

Barbara Kuster Cordill wins a donated wooden wall hanging made by Jay Laessig

Don Lindsay sharing a special reading, The Back Nine, with his spin on it

Randol Walker give Final Thought

Shake your booty to Jimmy Dee and the Fabulous Destinations

Jimmy Dee and the Fabulous Destinations

Gene McFarland, age 94

Sunday Chapel Service

Paul Coffman conducting the service

Filling up and had to find more chairs to bring in

Class Photos

Class of 1938

Gene McFarland

Class of 1943

Jim Sharpe

Alvin Heine

I could not find one of Jud Dupy

Class of 1944

Ella Mae Sharpe, I could not find a photo of Betty Browning Fulton

Class of 1951

Ann Harman Price, Major Towns, Barbara Purkeypyle Grob, Evelyn Eachus Thornton,
Norma Hembree Keller, sitting Linda Smith Colberg

Class of 1956

Patricia "Pat" Lindsay Towns, Barbara Payne Pomeroy, Barbara Deweese Thompson

Dan & Barbara Martin

Class of 1958

Marilyn Pierce O’Hara, Patsy Hembree McCoy, Larry O’Hara, Sue Milsap O’Hara,
Deanna Link DeVore, Jean Lindsay Sink, Ann Milsap Wood, Janice Ashley Darling

Class of 1959

Curt Gillespie, Sharon Lawler (Kenny's wife), Kenny Lawler, Max Tharp, Linda Long Ross, Randol Walker
Photo bombing in the back, Marsha Long Wierman & George Ross (Linda's husband)

Class of 1964

Carol Malone Goble, Dick Keesling, Judy Stroup Albin, Allen Koen, Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Karen McGee Gilkey,
Patty Link Lewis, Kenny Malone, Sue Spangler York, Gary Huck, Marilyn Dupont, Jerome Steffan, Sherry Bliss Cole

Class of 1969

Chuck Gray, Debby Schmidt Steffan, Bob Kopfman, Debbie Denney Easterling, Rick Kloxin, Jim Campbell

Class of 1970

Ann Malone Kopfman

Glenn Heine

Class of 1972

Janet Kirsch Gray

Class of 1974

Back row, Vencette Pfister Maclaren, Jacque Wiens, Mick Doll, Paul Coffman, Tony Gomez, Mike Kelso, Pam Denney Light
Frone row, Janice Mortimez Werner, Chrystal Ball Miller, Cindy Coldwater Hollembeak, Karen Jones Cowley, Beatrice Martinez Olsen

Class of 1975

Richard Fiedler

Class of 1976

Tamara Madden

Doug & Nancy Eberhart Kizzar

Class of 1977

Bo Messick

Class of 1979

Jackie Messick Pryce

Class of 1984

Tom Ingham, Tina Wilkerson Andrews, Jeanette Klima Rasumssen, Charlotte Patterson Larsen, Dale Lumpkins

Class of 1988

Mark Coffman

Eric Klima with Raymond Jump, former teacher and sponsor

Wish I could have posted all the photos that were shared with me but space is limited.
Thanks to all that shared photos.

Memories From Reunion 2002


   Don't forget - I encourage you to contact Paul Miller to get a copy of the wonderful CD he has put together.  It is of special interest to the classes of 1950-51-52.  He will copy one for you for $3.00.  This is a terrific collection of class pictures, class activities and some miscellaneous pictures collected from members of these classes.  Also included are pictures from the 2002 All School Reunion and the reunion these classes held in Red River NM last summer.    With Paul's permission I have included some of the pictures on our Reunion 2002 Pictures page.    Someone help me identify the folks I don't recognize.  Some of the older pictures from school days will be included on another page later.  EVERYONE would enjoy this CD.  Paul's e-mail is plmillerpe@attbi.com


These pictures were shared by Paul Miller: 
(please help me identify those folks I  don't recognize). 

Paul Miller, Phil Pulliam, Floyd Bayer, Nadine Moore Dreiling

PART OF THE 1950-51-52 GROUP, Edwin DuBose, Jean Dickson DuBose,
Mary Jo Hiebert, Jackie (Mrs. Joe) Golden:

Jim (Spunk) and Colleen McPherson Taylor and Janice Foote Peterson:

More of the 1950-51-52 group:

Birthdays were celebrated:  Joe Golden, Marion Peterson, Twila Coffey Flowers

1952 group at the banquet:  Joe Golden, Twila Flowers,
Carl Ashley, Janice Peterson, Floyd Bayer, Muriel Elchuk



CLASS OF 1952:


1969 CLASSMATES:  Jim Campbell, Chuck Gray, Brenda Koehne King, Rick Kloxin, Janie Steffan Haxton, Debbie Schmidt Steffan, Debbie Denney Winkelman, Art Younkin, Dorothy Link Lamb, Bob Kopfman. 


Mary Taylor, Irene Adams, Gene Adams, Paul Miller, Bill Brown, Carl Ashley, Tom Halfast, Jim (Spunk) Taylor, Gene Haas, Joe Golden
Colleen McPherson, Ardela Wintz, Roberta Halfast, Margaret Taylor,
 ________ McClure, Maple Taylor

Thanks to Sandy Richardson Hodnett for sharing these:

Jim Hodnett, Sam Richardson and Carla Garman Hill:

CHSAA President Gene Haas handing out
Certificates of Appreciation to Reunion Committee members.


1961 CLASSMATES Jack Boyd, _______________, Nadine Link Milsap, Dave Peebler, Paula Bliss Bieberle, Bob Adams, Jay Laessig, Bob Reynolds and Dennis Ruckert:

Sharon Pearce Proffitt:


The Halfast siblings - Tom and Roberta:

1957 Classmates Norma Robl Miller, Jo Donnell, Carol Kuster Hensley,
Joyce Dellinger Burress and Kay Kopfman Cochrane:

Don McClure with Ella Mae and Jim Sharpe (showing off their letter sweaters!):

Jay Laessig '61, Jack Taylor '49 and Dave Peebler '61:

1965 Classmates Vickie Neal Wilkerson, Dave Blevins,
Toni Mernaugh Morton and Tom Wasinger:
(This was a great bunch to be in school with!) 
 Max Tharp, Curt Gillespie and John Hill in the background.

Bob Coldwater and Mike Allen:

Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Marilyn Pearce O'Hara,
 Sharon Pearce Proffitt and Pat O'Hara:

Jim Kizzar, Marilyn Deardorf  and Brenda Singleton Nightengale:

Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner visiting with Malcolm Link.

Nancy Eberhart Kizzar,  Janie Haxton Steffan,
Debbie Schmidt Steffan and Jeri Kopfman.

The tunnel before the game:

Bob McClary:

Mike Heine standing behind 1962 Classmates Ann Brailoff,
Allen Wilkerson and Joy Moore Turek:

A beautiful lady in red,  Irene Ankerholz Kennedy:

Twila Coffey Flowers and  Joe Golden:

CHSAA President, Gene Haas, with former teacher and coach, Bud Fisher:

Marilyn Deardorf, Connie Deardorf,
Brenda Singleton Nightengale and Barbara Meyeres Haxton:

1964 Classmates Kenny Malone and Sandy Richardson Hodnett
 (Kenney's football jersey still fits!!!!):

Jim Ray, Chuck Younkin and Bill Little
 (Happy they didn't have to suit up and play!):

Thanks Frances for sending this:

Catherine Sinnot Yowell and Ralph Hathaway, Class of 1932:

From Sherry Cole:

1964 Classmates Carmen Malone Razook, Patty Link Lewis,
Sandy Richardson Hodnett, Sherry Bliss Cole and Carol Kirsch Mitchell


Some of the 1963 classmates who attended:  Chuck Younkin, Chris Coffman,
Barbara Woods, Mary Taylor, Bill Little, Barbara Meyeres

1962 classmates:  Larry Haxton, Gerald Bynum and Jim Ray

Barbara Meyeres Haxton ('63) with Larry and Dorothy Little:

Dick Schremmer and Paul Cofffman:

Claudia and Dave Peebler ('61)

Carmen Malone Razook ('64) and Chuck Younkin ('63)

Marilyn Deardorf and Barbara Meyeres ('63)

Sharon Meyeres, Ann Brailoff, Connie Malone and Joy Moore

Larry Haxton ('62) and Max Tharpe ('59)

Barbara Meyeres ('63) with two special attendees - former teacher
 Bob Coffman and former teacher and coach Bud (Verlyn) Fisher

Many thanks to Ann Martin for sharing these pictures:

    Sisters, Barbara Meyeres ('63) and Sharon Meyeres ('60)

Classmates Sandy Richardson Hodnett and Carmen Malone Razook ('64)

    1962 Classmates:  Dale King, Ann Brailoff, Allen Wilkerson, 
 Larry Haxton, Joy Moore and Gerald Bynum:

    1960 Classmates Sharon Meyeres, Connie Malone and Tim Younkin:

Many thanks to Sherry Bliss Cole and Kenny Malone for sharing these pictures:

Felix and the CHS cheerleaders encourage fans at the homecoming game:

CHS 2002 Homecoming Royalty:  Blake Kizzar, Jamee Meyeres,
 Brian Aguilera and Tenelle Shultz and Nick Wood and Chameaka Bethea. 
Brian and Tenelle were King and Queen. 

Verlyn (Bud) Fisher with Kenny Malone ('64) before the game:

CHS Alumni Association Vice President, Carla Garman Hill ('65)
presenting our President, Gene Haas ('49) with a money
tree in appreciation for his hard work:

The following are courtesy of Sherry Bliss Cole:

Paula Bliss Bieberle - winner of the beautiful quilt.

One of the buses on the way to the football game.

Frances and Paula manning the table at the Hog Feed


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