2003 Chase Festival


Theme was Circus

Janet Kirsch Gray, Joyce Dellinger Burress, Mary Taylor Johnson & Sherry Bliss Cole

Sherry Bliss Cole

Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner , Janet Kirsch Gray, Betty Wood, Gene Haas, Alvin Heine & Sherry Bliss Cole

Getting the Float ready

Al Johnson, Janet Kirsch Gray, Mary Taylor Johnson, back of Joyce Dellinger Burress,
Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner, Betty Wood & Alvin Heine

Al Johnson as our animal trainer

On Float--Betty Wood, Mary Taylor Johnson, Janet Kirsch Gray, Sherry Bliss Cole, Joyce Dellinger Burress,
 Al Johnson. In Front--Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner, Bob McClary, Gene Haas & Alvin Heine

Looking over the cab of Alvin Heine's truck

Jim Ray's granddaughter

Coming around the corner to main street ChaseAmerica

Parade watchers

Parade watchers

Looking back at main street, Betty Wood on hay bale & Joyce Dellinger Burress with umbrella

Another look back

2014 Chase Fest

Theme was Stars & Stripes

Rachel Link & Chauncey Spangler

Grand Marshalls Grace & Keith Lumpkins

Getting the float ready, Marilyn Dupont, Gerald Cole & Gene Haas

Taking a breather from decorating, Paula Bieberle & Alvin Heine

One side of the float, Uncle Sam Felix aka Gerald Cole, Sherry Cole, Joyce Burress Gene Haas

Other side of the float, Paula Bieberle, Joyce Burress, Sherry Cole, Uncle Sam Felix aka Gerald Cole

Uncle Sam Felix aka Gerald Cole

Our driver Alvin Heine & riding shotgun is Betty Haas
Special thanks to Alvin's son Mike for letting us use his truck and trailer!

Hi Rachel!

Marsha Belk & Allen Freeland

Uncle Sam Felix aka Gerald Cole taking a well deserved rest


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