2007 Parade theme---The Fabulous Fifties

         2007 Chase FestivaL     

 Irene & Willard Herzberg

Alvin & Frances Heine & Annette Short Hoover


Mary Taylor Johnson, Gene Haas,
Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole & Mike Heine

Mary Taylor Johnson, Gene Haas, Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

Gene Haas & Mary Taylor Johnson

Frances & Alvin Heine, Joyce Dellinger Burriss,
Gerald Cole, Mike Heine and Glen Vansteenburg

Gene Haas, Mary Taylor Johnson & Joyce Dellinger Burriss

Kenny Link & Mike Heine
Mike was our float driver this year

Gene Haas, Carl Ashley & Mary Taylor Johnson

Gerald Cole

Sherry Bliss Cole


Jasmin Savage age 5


Gilmore sister & brother

Joey Linke

Francis & Gary Brady

Francis & Gary Brady

From Great Bend & Ellinwood


Miniature Doonans Truck





Taylor Lattimer

Cal-Maine Chickens--
Sherman Miller, Laura Miller, Bryce Miller, Wayne Dewerff, Drake Link, and Glen Link

What we saw along the way--

Main Street Westside

Main Street Eastside

Looking back South

In the park

Carl Ashley & Bob Coldwater

Inside the Senior Center for the bake sale
Frances Heine & Great Grandson Lucas Smith

Outside the Senior Center, ready for chow
Valerie Keesling Saunders

Ruth Keesling & Sherry Bliss Cole

Car bash

Mike Rohrer & his Banana Bikes
from Belle Plains, Ks


Alvin Heine & Gerald Cole

Richard McIntyre

Lindsey Winkelman age 4

Frances also graduated from the Kansas City General Hospital #1 School of Nursing in 1947

Thanks to Mike Heine for being the stand in driver for the CHS float

Photos courtesy of Sherry Bliss Cole and the Lyons News

Just in--photos from Gene Haas--

The breakfast

Our Float
Joyce Dellinger Burriss, Mary Taylor Johnson, Gene Hass
Sherry Bliss Cole, Gerald Cole, Mike Heine & Alvin Heine

Gene Haas & Mary Taylor Johnson

Sherry Bliss Cole

Mike Heine, Frances Heine & Glen Vansteenburg

The floats behind us coming around the corner---



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