2009 Chase Festival


Theme was "Hats Off To Chase"


Janet Kirsch Gray & Sherry Bliss Cole

 Gerald Cole, Janet Kirsch Gray & George Ross

L-R  Sherry Bliss Cole, Alvin Heine, Roberta Halfast Allen, George Ross,
Alyssa Blumanhourst, Marsha Long Wierman & Linda Long Ross

Our new magnetic sign

L- R  Roberta Halfast Allen, Marsha Long Wierman, Linda Long Ross, Janet Kirsch Gray & Gerald Cole

Alvin Heine, Marsha Long Wierman, Linda Long Ross, Alyssa Blumanhourst, Gene Haas

L-R  Jim Fowler, Jacque VanSteenburg Fowler, Gerald Cole, Linda Long Ross,
Marsha Long Wierman, Alyssa Blumanhourst, Roberta Halfast Allen & George Ross.

L-R  Linda Long Ross, Alyssa Blumanhourst, Frances Heine, Bob McClary,
Jacque VanSteenburg Fowler, Roberta Halfast Allen & Gerald Cole

L-R  Alvin Heine, Marsha Long Wierman, Linda Long Ross, Gene Haas, Bob McClary, Alyssa Blumanhourst,
Jacque VanSteenburg Fowler, Janet Kirsch Gray, Roberta Halfast Allen, Gerald Cole & Sherry Bliss Cole

George Ross, Alyssa Blumanhourst & Loren Wiens

Janet Kirsch Gray, Jacque VanSteenburg Fowler, Gene Haas, Marsha Long Wierman,
 Linda Long Ross, George Ross, Bob McClary & Loren Wiens

Chase Police Car

Ronald Meredith, Chief of Police

Sherriff vehicles and fire trucks

Sherriff vehicle and fire trucks

Another entry

Giddy up!

Cute entry

Francis & Mary Casey Brady, the Grand Marshalls

  The fine Chase Festival committee--will identify later.

Waiting our turn on main.

Some of the fine folks that came out to watch. West side of street.

East side of street.

ChaseAmerica main street. How many times did you drag main in your time?

East side of street.

The parade judges--will identify later.

East side of street.

West side of the street.

Many folks came out--some were on the side streets coming up to main.

East side of street

West side of street.

We received first place in the float category!

Photos taken by Sherry Bliss Cole, Frances Heine and Gene Haas
 Special thanks to Jim Meyeres for loaning us the hay, Mike Heine for the loan of the truck,
Alvin Heine for the use of the trailer and for driving us, Gerald Cole for making the windmill and oil derrick
and the Alumni Committee for a job well done with props and costumes.




If you know someone in a photo and we didn't identify them, please email.

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