2010 Chase Festival


Our drivers were Alvin and Frances Heine who also donated the use of the truck and trailer.
My camera died before I could get their photo.


Mary Kendrick

Grand Marshalls Nadine & Arden Stapleton

Gary Brady and his Camero driven by his granddaughter, Amanda White

Chase High School Alumni Association float

L-R Brock Cole, Braden Cole, Paula Bieberle, Gerald Cole, Bob McClary,
Brody Cole, Joyce Burress, Linda Ross, Sherry Cole and Tia Cole

L-R Tia Cole, Sherry Cole, Linda Ross, Joyce Burress, Bob Coldwater, Brody Cole,
Bob McClary, Gerald Cole and the backs of  Paula Bieberle, Braden Cole and Brock Cole.

Tia Cole, Bob Coldwater and Bob McClary

Paula Bieberle

Joyce Burress

Linda Ross

Brock & Braden Cole, our candy throwers.

Bob Coldwater

Linda Ross, Bob Coldwater, Bob McClary, Brody Cole and Gerald Cole

Tia & Sherry Cole

Parade watchers East side of street.



Photos taken by Sherry Cole, Frances Heine and Linda Ross

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