Barbara Kuster Cordill, Class of 1961 photos


These were taken at the Class of 1961 50th Class Reunion Pizza Party

Don Lindsay presenting Paula Bliss Bieberle a thank you gift from the class

A gift certificate

And a Felix rubber ducky

Donna Kelso Mecum, Kate Lindsay, Jay Laessig, Nadine Link Milsap, Della Starnes Darling

Lenny Reed, Jana Reed, Nancy Reynolds, Liz Bayer Bomba
Standing Don Lindsay, Della Starnes Darling, Paula Bliss Bieberle

Bob Reynolds, Jack Boyd, Floyd Osborn

Dwight Smith, Barbara Smith, Dianna Shutt Manheimer

Della Starnes Darling, Mary Matlack Kopfman, Jim Kopfman, Dwight Smith

Bob Reynolds with the bottle that originally was for the last man standing and had been signed
by many of the class members but they decided to break it out for their 50th Class Reunion.

The toast to the class
Don Lindsay, Paula Bliss Bieberle, Barbara Smith, Dwight Smith, Barbara Kuster Cordill, Floyd Osborn

James & Gary Lewis

Barbara Smith, Dwight Smith, Barbara Kuster Cordill,
Sue Hembree Buchcanan, Liz Bayer Bomba, Dianna Shutt Manheimer

These were taken at the Banquet

Class of 1961
Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Jack Boyd, Dwight Smith, Rita Tyrrell Unruh, Floyd Osborn, Della Starnes Darling,
Bob Reynolds, Gary Lewis, Mary Matlack Kopfman, Bob Adams, Jay Laessig, Liz Bayer Bomba, Barbara Kuster Cordill ,
Sue Hembree Buchanan, Garry Reed, Don Lindsay, Paula Bliss Bieberle, & Lenny Reed.

Joyce Dellinger Burress, Dwight Gwaltney, Marsha Long Wierman, Steve Malone & Merle Dupont

Andy Anderson, Jo Donnelly Anderson, Carol Kuster Hensley & ?

? & Larry Wood

Larry O'Hara, Sue Milsap O'Hara, Ginger Tyrrell Miller & Ross Unruh

Carl Thrall, Floyd May, & Larry O'Hara

Jack Tyrell, Patrick O'Hara & Kay Kopfman Thrall

Jo Donnelly Anderson & Carol Kuster Hensley


Thanks Barbara!


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