David Peebler, Class of 1961 photos

These 1961 Classmates, Don Lindsay, Jack Boyd, Dwight Smith & Barbara Kuster Cordill
sent David their photos and David made a CD for all the class members.  Here are a few of them.


These were taken in ChaseAmerica

The water tower

Having lunch at The Longshot, Jack Boyd, Bob Reynolds & Don Lindsay

Having lunch at The Longshot, Nancy Reynolds, Kate Lindsay & Randol Walker

Coming into town from the north

These were taken at the BBQ Hog Feed in Chase

Don Lindsay, Bob Adams & Dennis Singleton

Nancy & Bob Reynolds & ?

Randol Walker, Kenny and Dolly Lawler


Wilva Shutt Martin, Bill Osborn, Judith Shutt Nixon, Don Lindsay, Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Floyd Osborn & Peggy Osborn

Don Lindsay, Della Starnes Darling, Floyd Osborn & Peggy Osborn

Floyd Osborn, Jim Martin & Peggy Osborn

Larry O'Hara & Bill Osborn

Class of 1961- left to right--
Bob Reynolds, Nadine Link Milsap, Floyd Osborn, Dwight Smith, Donna Kelso Meccum, Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Don Lindsay, Mary Matlack Kopfman, Barbara Kuster Cordill, Liz Bayer Bomba, Jay Laessig, Gary Lewis, James Lewis & Paula Bieberle

Paula Bliss Bieberle & Janet Kirsch Gray

Gene Haas & Brenda Singleton Nightengale

Linda Long Ross & Marsha Long Wierman

Joyce Dellinger Burress & George Ross

Mary Taylor Johnson, Vickie Neal Wilkerson & Allen Wilkerson

Tommie Daniel Halfast & Tom Halfast

Jim and Ella Mae Sharp

Don Lindsay, Jay Laessig, Floyd Osborn & Dwight Smith

Jay Laessig, Dwight Smith, Floyd Osborn & Don Lindsay

? & Chuck Gray

Don Lindsay & Liz Bayer Bomba

Mary Matlack Kopfman, Nadine Lind Milsap, Donna Kelso Meccum, Jim Kopfman & ?


Dolly Lawler, Judith Shutt Nixon, Jack Tyrell & Ginger Tyrell Miller

Larry O'Hara, Sue Milsap O'Hara & Dianna Shutt Manheimer

Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Jim Hodnett, Patty Link Lewis, Jim Kopfman, Jay Laessig & Mary Matlack Kopfman

Jim Martin, Colleen McPherson Taylor, Jim (Spunk) Taylor & Jim Meyeres


Shirley Adams, Merle Adams & Alvin Heine

James Lewis, Barbara Smith, Dwight Smith, Gary Lewis & Liz Bomba

Paul Osborn & Bob Reynolds

Marion Towns, Wilva Shutt Martin & Pat Lindsay Towns

Class of 1961- left to right--
Floyd Osborn, Dwight Smith,
Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Don Lindsay,
Liz Bayer Bomba, Bob Reynolds, Paula Bliss Bieberle, James Lewis & Gary Lewis


James & Gary Lewis

Gene McFarland, Gene Adams and Helen Hammill & Bob Adams

Jim Kopfman, Dwight Smith & Mary Matlack Kopfman

Patty Link Lewis, Dennis Singleton, Jim Ray, Nadine Link Milsap

Chase High School football team

These were taken in the Atrium Area

Dwight Smith & Floyd Osborn

Dianna Shutt Manheimer , Judith Shutt Nixon & Shirley Hembree Hudson

?, ? & ?


Barbara Payne Pomeroy, Leland Southern & Barbara Deweese Thompson

Geri Blackburn Long, Dan Martin & Barbara Martin

Leonard Reed & Jack Boyd

Janette & Jack Boyd

Jay Laessig, Randol Walker & Bob Reynolds

Dennis Ruckert & Jay Laessig

These were taken in the Breakfast Room at the Ramada

Della Starnes Darling

Don Lindsay

Bob & Nancy Reynolds

Jay Laessig & Floyd Osborn

Barbara & Dwight Smith

Cora Starnes Miller & Frank Conde

Dwight Smith, Jay Laessig, Floyd Osborn & James Lewis

These were taken in the 1961& 1964 Hospitality Room

Gary & James Lewis

Liz Bayer Bomba & Sue Hembree Buchanan

Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

These were taken at Lyons

John Robl & Don Lindsay

John Robl & Don Lindsay

John Robl, Don Lindsay & Bob Adams

The Lyons Square

John Robl, Bob Adams & Don Lindsay

This was Class of 1961 celebrating their 50th Class Reunion

Gone but not forgotten

Liz Bayer Bomba, Don Lindsay, Barbara Kuster Cordill,
Paula Bliss Bieberle, James Lewis, Gary Lewis & Sue Hembree

Jay Laessig, Nadine Link Milsap, Della Starnes Darling, Mary Matlack Kopfman
Jim Kopfman, Dwight Smith, Barbara Smith, Bob Reynolds, & Jack Boyd

Liz Bayer Bomba, Barbara Kuster Cordill, Don Lindsay & Paula Bliss Bieberle

Dwight Smith, Barbara Smith, Bob Reynolds, Jack Boyd & Floyd Osborn

Mary Matlack Kopfman & Jim Kopfman
Looks like she won a prize

Paula Bliss Bieberle, Class Representative

Paula Bliss Bieberle & Barbara Smith

Barbara Kuster Cordill, Sue Hembree Buchanan, Don Lindsay & Dianna Shutt Manheimer

Leonard Reed

Gary Lewis & Floyd Osborn

Kate Lindsay & Bob Reynolds

Barbara Kuster Cordill, Barbara Smith & Dwight Smith

Liz Bayer Bomba, Sue Hembree Buchanan & Nadine Link Milsap

Barbara Kuster Cordill, Don Lindsay, Paula Bliss Bieberle & Mary Matlack Kopfman

Leonard Reed, back of Jack Boyd & Bob Reynolds

Paula Bliss Bieberle, Mary Matlack Kopfman, John Hill & Carla Garman Hill


These were taken at the Banquet

Class of 1961
Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Jack Boyd, Dwight Smith, Rita Tyrrell Unruh, Floyd Osborn, Della Starnes Darling,
Bob Reynolds, Gary Lewis, Mary Matlack Kopfman, Bob Adams, Jay Laessig, Liz Bayer Bomba, Barbara Kuster Cordill ,
Sue Hembree Buchanan, Garry Reed, Don Lindsay, Paula Bliss Bieberle, & Lenny Reed.

Our youngest Kat and oldest Kat in attendance
Mark Coffman & Gene McFarland

Don & Nancy Minix

Judith Shutt Nixon, Jean Lindsay Sink, Janice Ashley Darling, Bill Darling & Roberta Keesling May

Marilyn Pearce O'Hara, Patsy Hembree McCoy, Judith Shutt Nixon & Jean Lindsay Sink

Dennis & Merlene Ruckert

Judith Shutt Nixon, Jean Lindsay Sink, Janice Ashley Darling, Bill Darling & ?

Mary Matlack Kopfman, Jim Kopfman, Paula Bliss Bieberle & Ron Bieberle

Ron Bieberle, Dennis Ruckert & Merlene Ruckert

Dianna Shutt Manheimer, Sue Hembree Buchanan & Nadine Link Milsap

Barbara Smith, Dwight Smith & Floyd Osborn

Garry Reed, Della Starnes Darling & Leonard Reed

Leonard & Jana Reed & Bob Reynolds

Janette Boyd, Jack Boyd & Barbara Smith

Don Lindsay, Barbara Kuster Cordill & Jay Laessig

Nancy Minix, Don Minix, James Lewis & Gary Lewis

Liz Bayer Bomba, Della Starnes Darling, Gerald Cole & Alvin Heine

Ann Milsap Wood, Larry Wood, Neal Devore & Deanna Link Devore

Janice Ashley Darling, Bill Darling, ? & Ann Milsap Wood

Barbara Martin, Dan Martin & Barbara Deweese Thompson

Pat Lindsay Towns, Kenny McNutt,  Cathy McNutt & ?

Barbara Smith, Dwight Smith, Floyd Osborn & Garry Reed

Due to conflict of dates David & Claudia were in
Alaska while the Reunion was going on. Here they are.


Thanks David, Don, Jack, Dwight & Barbara!


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