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Oval Callout: Gotta minute?

June 8, 2018

Hi Everyone~~

Seems like we didn't get a spring this year with temps jumping into the 90's several days. Sure could use some rain. Hope your AC works good and you are staying cool.

Graduation went well with Howard Link handing our new alumni their gifts from the CHS Alumni Association with a little assist from yours truly. He did a great job and actually got to hand his granddaughter her gift, that was special. Welcome to the ranks of the alumni all you graduated Seniors! Remember your roots no matter where you go. Once a Chase Kat, always a Chase Kat. 

Not much to report as we go into summer months but sure things will pick up in August when school is back in session.

Until next time--

Sherry Bliss Cole, Class of 1964












October 13, 2018  @ 10:30am
DVS Senior Center
Hutchinson, KS





We would like to thank Gerald Fiedler and Kay Kopfman Thrall for donating yearbooks at the 2017 All School Reunion. We would like to thank Betty Browning Fulton, Class of  1944 for donating a 1941 yearbook to the alumni.

We thank Rhonda Clayton David for donating her yearbooks to the Association. The ones that were needed will be put in the cabinet at the High School for all to enjoy.

 Thank you, Betty Browning Fulton - 1944 for letting us know there were no yearbooks in the years 1942, 1943 & 1944 due to the war.

We are in need of some yearbooks to fill in some empty spaces in our cabinets at the school. These are on display for all to see so if you have an extra one or just want to donate yours to the Alumni we would be grateful. If you want to donate any of the following years, contact Sherry Cole.

1945, 1946, 1951, 1953, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1983, 1984,

Just a note to that, if you have any of your yearbooks of any year, please don't throw them away, we take them as well. We also have yearbooks on hand to sell if you are needing one. The list of what we have is on the  Kats Kraft Shoppe page. Thank you.


May 16, 2018

Hi Everyone~~

I have to apologize to everyone for a late News and Notes post. April 29 to May 5th I spent in New York with my oldest Granddaughter Stephanie Cole. No particular reason for the trip except she wanted to go and it was a good bonding time. We had a blast and ran our legs off doing all the traditional sightseeing and taking in a Broadway play as well. Lots to see and do there and we did our best to get it all in. Staying in Times Square was within walking distance of many things but a good couple days on the Hop on Hop off bus filled in the gaps.

I think the Newsletter returns have finally slowed to a trickle and hearing about those that had passed away between Newsletters. I have updated the alumni files with all the address changes as of today so if you have moved since the Newsletter has gone out, please email me with your current address. Thank you to all who do. Makes our job of keeping track of all alumni easier.

Hope those that can are going to attend the Chase graduation this Saturday in the CHS gym. Help welcome our Seniors join the ranks of Alumni's. Again I remind you that all the Kats and Chase items that we had at the Kats Korner store in Chase are here with me so if you need anything (all is posted on the website on the Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shop link) let me know if you need anything. I am coming to the graduation Saturday to help Howard Link, Class of 1968 hand out gifts to the Seniors compliments of the Alumni Association so I can bring to Chase anything you might need as a last minute gift. Just let me know before Saturday.

Seems we have gone from winter into summer so hope all of you are staying cool. I have to admit the A/C has been turned on in the Cole Casa this week.

Until next time--

Sherry Bliss Cole, Class of 1964


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