Homecoming 2013, team and Alumni gathering after the game.

Game called by Burrton on account of an injury on their side.  Chase 42 Burrton 0

Coffee & cookies enjoyed by the Alumni at the half and after the game. Rex Hoover

Gene Haas and Carl Helm behind him

Glenna Grinstead, Principal

Alvin Heine & Gerald Cole

Carl Helm, Superintendent, Vickie Wilkerson, Allen Wilkerson

Linda Heine & Stevan Cooper

Vickie Wilkerson & Sherry Cole

Gerald Cole & Vickie Wilkerson

Annette Hoover & Allan Patton

Clinton Hill, Lisa Hill, & Linda Meyeres

Betty Haas

Class of 1963 at one of the reunions in Great Bend

Standing:  Chris Coffman, Pat Malone, Jim Fowler, Joe Martin, Mary Taylor, Ron Forshee, Brenda Singleton
Seated:  Barbara Meyeres, Sharon Boldt, Billye VanSteenburgh, Mary Ann Ashley

Sharon and Pat Malone

Mary and Joe

Class of 1957 Reunion, this was sent by  Jo Donnell Anderson

Rod Bowen, Class of 1955

   I graduated from Chase High School in the class of 1955.  When we celebrated our 50th class reunion a couple of years ago, I was asked to put together a cruise up the Alaska Inside Passage.  This cruise will become a reality as we board the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship on May 20th, 2007 thru May 27th. We have only 22 living members of the class of 1955 and 9 are going on the cruise.  We will cruise, round trip from Seattle, Washington.  Our cruise will take us to the Alaska ports of Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, we will cruise all day in Glacier Bay, Alaska, then a stop at Victoria, Canada before returning to Seattle. 
   It has really been a fun adventure to put this cruise together and have such a good response.  As our class members talked to friends and relatives about the cruise, they said "we want to go also", we opened the cruise up to friends and relatives and the cruise quickly grew from 9 couples to a total of 44 passengers from 7 States!  The passengers that graduated in 1955 are Gene Adams, Rodney Bowen, Helen (Hammill) Bybee, Phillip Davis, Tommie (Daniel) Halfast, Melvadean (Manke) Richardson, Bernice (Bernstorf) Singleton,  Kenneth Singleton, and Leland Southern.
 Chase High Cruise News +
                             Volume 21                                                                                June 12, 2007
                                      Chase High School class of 1955 reunite on a 7 day cruise!!!!


Top Picture:  (Back Row) (Left to Right)  Phillip Davis, Bernice (Bernstorf) Singleton, Kenneth Singleton, (Front Row) Leland Southern, Rodney Bowen, Helen (Hammill) Bybee, and Tommie (Daniel) Halfast.
Second Picture:  (Back Row) (Left to Right) Rodney Bowen, J.R. Adams, Leland Southern, Tom Halfast, Sylvia Luchenbill, Fred Luchenbill, Alan Clark, Troy Martin, Gene Adams, (Front Row) Cynthia Wheeler, Nancy Bowen, Tommie (Daniel) Halfast, Barbara Buckbee, Melvadean (Manke) Richardson, Judy Adams, Jessica Heath, Sharon Clark, Gina Adams, and Starla Lumpkin.
Third  Picture:  Seattle, Washington in foreground and Norwegion Cruise Line Pearl in background

The Pearl is also shown below:

                                 The End or the Beginning?
As we packed our luggage to depart from this beautiful NCL Pearl ship on May 27th, we all wondered, "is this the end of our cruise experience or is it just the beginning of our group cruising?"  The last couple of days of the cruise, many of our group were asking, when and where we would go on our next group cruise?  If we go on another cruise, it will be difficult to find a cruise as beautiful as the Alaska Inside Passage!
This group cruise started out with nine of the twenty-two living class members of the Chase Graduation Class of 1955.  We later added friends and relatives of the class and our group quickly grew to fourty-six passengers!
Who?...The following class members met to board a cruise ship!  Gene Adams, Rodney Bowen, Helen (Hammill) Bybee, Phillip Davis, Tommie (Daniel) Halfast, Melvadean (Manke) Richardson, Kenneth Singleton, Bernice (Bernstorf) Singleton, and Leland Southern.
Friends and relatives of the nine class members were:  Starla Lumpkin, J.R. & Judy Adams, Nancy Bowen, Nadene Bishop, Alan & Sharon Clark, Mary Jane Davis, Tom Halfast, Russ, Melanie & Jessica Heath, Dave & Ebby Jacobs, Fred & Sylvia Luchenbill, Don & Dorma Ramsey, Barbara Buckbee, Troy & Gina Martin, Mark & Betty Pryor, Dennis & Linda Rice, Barbara Pomeroy, Warren, Gleora & Kevin Strauss, Cynthia & Brittany Wheeler, Rodney Charles & Skyler Bowen, Sherry Smook, Tammy Roberts, and Royce & Chris Rogge.   You will probably recognize the names of many of the friends and relatives as they are good friends, spouses, daughters, brothers, sisters and even grandchildren represented.  Some of these are also graduates from Chase in a year other than 1955! 
When?... Cruise dates May 20, 2007 thru May 27th, 2007!
What?... 7 Day Inside Passage of Alaska Cruise.  Reunion of the class of 1955 Chase High School Graduation Class!
Where?... The cruise was round trip out of Seattle, Washington, with stops at Juneau, Alaska which is the only State Capitol with no roads available to come and go from the city.  To get to or from this State Capital, you will need to take a plane or ship!  It is the home of the Mendenhall Glacier, the Alaska State Museum, the famous Red Dog SaloonSkagway, Alaska is where we saw the path of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park from the narrow gage railway which took us to White Pass which is on the boarder of Canada and Alaska.  Ketchikan, Alaska is the site of more totem poles than anywhere else in the world.  It also has the title of the Salmon Canning capital of the world.  We spent a day in Glacier Bay, where we were able to see giant glaciers that grew to 2,000 feet thick.  When the glaciers calve, the pieces of ice falling into the water become ice bergs, no matter how small they are.  We saw lots of ice bergs!  Victoria, British Columbia has the most beautiful flower gardens you will ever see!  Then we returned to Seattle where many of us went on tours of the city, either before or after the cruise.  Some of us went up in the Space Needle to eat a was high in more than one way!!!!
We had a total of 46 passengers in our cruise group and all had a wonderful experience.  There were many first time as well as experienced cruisers in the group.  Any Chase High School alumni who wish to be included for future cruises at great rates may contact me! 
Rod Bowen
128 South Dartmouth Drive
Manhattan, Kansas  66503
Phone:  (785) 539-6207

Chase High School Class of 1956    50th Reunion
September 7-10, 2006     Kansas City, MO

The CHS Class of 1956 held their 50th Reunion in Kansas City on Sept.
7-10, 2006.   We had 42 people in attendance including 17 class
members, spouses, several former class members, and a former teacher. 
We stayed at the Hampton Inn at the Country Club Plaza.  On Friday
morning we had a City Tour of the KC metro area with a tour guide who
was very informative.  After the tour our bus dropped us off  for lunch
at Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in the 18th and Vine area (Jazz area). This
is the original location of one of the oldest barbeque establishments
in KC.  Food was very ample and worth the stand in line wait.  In the
afternoon, some of went to an Art Museum where a former classmate,
Marilyn Chastain Larson, had her art featured.  She met us there and we
enjoyed talking to her and viewing her paintings.   Others went to the
Casinos, shopped and had dinner in the area.

On Saturday morning, we had a tour of the Steamship Arabia Museum. 
The Arabia sunk in the Missouri River in the mid-1800’s and as the
river shifted over the years, was excavated in a farmers field near
KC.  The family who did the whole project has cleaned and preserved
thousands of items that were found on the ship and have them displayed
in the museum.  We all marveled at all the items from the pre-civil war
era that were there to view. 

Saturday night was our final time together and we were entertained in
great New Orleans/Cajun style at the home of Jim and Karen Becker.  Our
class went to New Orleans for our Senior Trip in 1956 and we had hoped
to celebrate out 50th Reunion there, too.  After Katrina, we decided
that we should choose an alternate location.  Thus, we settled for
Kansas City.  Karen Becker is a New Orleans native and she volunteered
to plan, prepare and serve us a “New Orleans” meal to give us a little
taste of the city.  We dined on  3 kinds of seafood hors d’oeuvres,
shrimp cocktail, red beans and rice, chicken gumbo, crab pastries,
potato salad and French bread.  Then for dessert, the famous “King
Cake” from Mardi Gras, lemon cake with strawberries and pecan pie!  It
was a wonderful meal! The house was decorated with red and white roses,
which were our class flower and colors with the dining room having
purple, green and gold Mardi Gras Colors.  It was a very special night
and we want to thank Jim and Karen for being such  gracious hosts to
our group of forty-two.

After the meal, we introduced Miss Dorothy Blackburn who was our 3rd
and 4th grade teacher at Chase Grade School.  She lives in Overland
Park and looks a very youthful 82.  She told us a little about what she
had been doing these past years, since she left Chase.

Our class has always loved reunions and we have a new Reunion
Chairman, Doug McConnell, who is already planning our next reunion.  We
can’t wait!

Pat Lindsay Towns

The list of attendees: 
 Pat and Major Towns, Lois & Bob Hoppes, Dan & Barb Martin, Willie & Jim Martin, Bob & Marie West, Keith & Leota Boldt, Doug & Karen McConnell, Jim & Karen Becker, JR & Judy Adams, Kenny & Kathy McNutt, Brad and Sandra Pugh Bradford, Russ & Carol Gibson, Jack & Joyce Link, Ray & Barbara Young Grier, Margaret Doll, Nancy Pratt, Barbara Buckbee, Shirley Ingham, Dora Holliday & Valerie Schultz, Gerry Long, Kay Cochrane, Gene Adams, Helen Hamill,
Jean Sink, Dorothy Blackburn, Barbara Pomeroy and Leland Southern.

Here are a few photos---

All who attended all 12 years

The group in Kansas City

At Grand Central Station

At steamship in Arabia

Leland Southern & Barbara Pomeroy

Bob West

Barb & Dan Martin

Dorothy Blackburn & her 3rd & 4th grade students

Doug & Karen McConnell

Girls at Art Museum

Gerry Long

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Jack & Joyce Link

Karen & Jim Becker

Judy & JR Adams

Bob & Lois Hoppes

Lunch at Arthur Bryants

Margaret, Helen, Jean at The Becker's

In memory of classmates

On the city bus tour

Outside at The Becker's home

Carol & Russ Gibson

Jim & Willie Shutt Martin

Sandra Pugh Bradford & Jim

Photos from the Reunion at Red River, NM
August 5, 2006
Shared by Barbara Grob, Janice Peterson & Paul Miller

Class of 1951 celebrating 55 years
Back, Jim Hembree, Ann (Harmon) Price, Marion Towns
Front, Rita Sharpe, Linda (Smith) Colberg,
Barbara (Purkepyle) Grob & Bob McClary

Betty & Bud Fisher

Class of 1952
Back, Janice (Foote) Peterson, Kathryn (Purkepyle) Huschka,
Floyd Bayer, Paul Miller
Front, Helen(Campbell) Inman, Carl Ashley,
Colleen (McPherson) Taylor, Jean (Hiebert) Hembree,
Jo (Gibson) Peterson, & Twila (Coffey) Flowers

 A little report on the CHS Class of 1951 - 55th Reunion - held in Red River, NM this past weekend.  What a charming little town for a relaxed get-together! 
    We gathered at the Black Mountain Lodge, owned by Bud and Betty Fisher, for the start of events.  Thursday evening we had a cookout in the patio area that was enjoyed by all.  Bob and Pat McClary did a great job in making the food preparations and Kathryn (Purkeypyle) Huschka furnished desert.  We also had birthday cake in celebration of Bob's birthday. That night Major Towns presented us with his "Chase Memories - Class of 51" DVD that he made and gave to each of us, and what an evening of reminiscing!
    Friday evening we went to dinner at Capos Italian restaurant and after, attended the Melodrama, which included local talent.  A relaxed day and fun-filled evening was planned by Major and Pat Towns.
    Friday and Saturday morning we had coffee, juice, donuts and cinnamon rolls provided on the patio of the Black Mountain Lodge mixed with lots of visiting and looking through old photo albums. 
    Saturday evening we were invited to Bud and Betty Fisher's beautiful home.  Janice Peterson, Twila Flowers, and Roseanne Thomas planned the catered dinner and provided lovely decorations for this event.  A delightful evening of visiting, photos, and family updates.
    Sunday morning we gathered at a local restaurant to bid our farewells and review plans for our next reunion.  They say it can't be too soon!!
Those attending the 55th Reunion of the Class of 1951:
Class of 1951
Olive Ann (Harmon) and Glen Price
Jim and Jean (Hiebert) Hembree '52
Linda (Smith) Colberg and Daughter Debbie Richardson and Paul
Major and Pat (Lindsey)Towns
Bob and Pat McClary
Rita Sharpe
Barbara (Purkeypyle) Grob
Class of 1950
Mike and Roberta (Halfast) Allen
Class of 1952
Carl and Toni Ashley
Paul and Roseanne (Thomas) Miller
Colleen (McPherson) and James Taylor
Mary Jo (Gibson) and Leif Peterson
Floyd and Barbara Bayer
Janice (Foote) Peterson
Kathryn (Purkeypyle) Huschka
Twila (Coffey) Flowers
Helen (Campbell) Inman
Our Teacher
Verlyn "Bud" and Betty Fisher
   Hoping all those attending that took photo's will share a few with you for the CHS web site.
    As you can see, planning this event was made easy by all the participation and help of many other classmates.  My thanks and appreciation goes out to all of them!  They made my job easy.
Barbara (Purkeypyle) Grob


The Class of 1969 (The "69"ers!) held their 35th reunion the
 weekend of September 2, 2004, in Wichita at the Four Points Hotel. 
 Part of the group met on the 2nd for dinner:  Mike Crace of
Mendota Heights MN was a special guest at the reunion. 
He was with the class of 1968 but considers himself a part of
the "69'ers".  Also arriving early were  Art & Sandi Younkin
 of Haysville KS, Dorothy Link Lamb of Topeka KS, and
John and Judy Truhlar of Turon KS.  The following day other
 members and spouses arrived at the hotel for an informal night
of fun, food, singing, dancing, and "toasting".  Everyone
 had a great time.  Those joining the above group were: 
Jim Campbell of Hutchinson KS, Rick Kloxin of Lyons KS,
 Debbie Schmidt Steffan and husband Larry of Chase KS,
Ruth Popp Miller and husband Don of Chase KS; Art Cooper and
wife Janie of Bennington KS, Janie Steffan Haxton and
husband Larry of Claflin KS, Debbie Denny Easterling and
husband of Chase KS, Chuck Gray and wife Janet of McCook NE,
Darren Thornton and wife Charla of Denver City TX, Bob and
 Ann Kopfman of Hutchinson KS.  On Saturday, the 4th,
all attended the Wichita Greyhound Park for lunch, betting
on dog races and photo ops - no big winners but all had a lot
of fun.  Fred Starnes and his wife joined the group for a short visit. 
 That evening the group went to the Wyldewood Wine Cellars
 south of Wichita for the Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater
 where the wait staff were the actors in the play.  A great meal
was enjoyed by all.  After the show most of the group returned
 to the hotel for a little more visiting.  Sunday morning brought
 good-byes with all promising to not let so much time go
by before meeting again!  Many thanks to Art Younkin for
 sending this info for the web site.

The Class of 1964 held their 40th reunion the weekend of August
28, 2004 at Kenny and Judy Malone's farm southeast of Chase. 
Kenny and Judy were perfect hosts and it couldn't have been
any better!  Attending were:  Co-Hosts Gerald and Sherry (Bliss)
Cole, Edie Werther Couture, Merle and Patty (Link) Lewis, Allen
Koen, Marilyn Dupont Allmon, Jim and Sandi (Richardson) Hodnett,
 Larry Ashley, Gary Huck, Howard and Judy Kennedy, Sharon
(Long) Bradford, Annette Short Hoover and Allen Patton, Keith
 and Grace Gillespie Lumpkins.   Brenda Singleton Nightengale
 and myself (from the Class of 1963) also attended.  Cook
 for the event was J. L. Harold.  We celebrated Gary Huck's
 birthday.  The group enjoyed the many old pictures gathered
 for the event (Kenny and Judy had a whole room filled with
yearbooks, pictures and mementoes from school years);
 Kenny's wonderful array of John Deere antiques and collectibles;
 the farm kittens (!); and Larry Ashley's car!  A gift was presented to
 Kenny and Judy by Sherry on behalf of all attendees for their
 efforts and Judy presented Sherry and myself with beautiful quilted
photo albums with Felix on the covers.  We treasure them! 
 On Sunday morning most of the group met  in Lyons for breakfast
 before farewells were said.  Many thanks to Kenny and Judy from
 the entire group for hosting such a special event! 
 You were the greatest! 

Back row:  Sherry Bliss Cole, Edie Werther Couture, Patty Link Lewis,
Allen Koen, Marilyn Dupont Allmon, Kenny Malone,
Sandi Richardson Hodnett; Larry Ashley, Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy
Sitting:  Sharon Long Bradford, Annette Short Hoover and 
Grace Gillespie Lumpkins

Spouses and Friends:  Jim Hodnett (Sandi Richardson Hodnett),
Gerald "Cole" Cole (Sherry Bliss Cole), Merle Lewis (Patty Link Lewis)
Judy Malone (Kenny Malone), Keith and Grace Lumpkins, Allen Patton
(Annette Short Hoover), and Judy Kennedy (Howard Kennedy)

1963 Classmates Mary Taylor Johnson and Brenda Singleton
Nightengale joined in on the fun!

 The Class of 1959 met  in Hutchinson and Chase to
 celebrate their 45th.  Attending were Kenny and Dolly Lawler,
St. Paris, OH; Jim and Mary Matlack Kopfman, Platteville CO;
 Max Tharp, Ulysses KS; Randol Walker, Topeka KS; Curt and
Hughlene Kinslow Gillespie, Chase KS; Peggy Osborn Sheridan,
Ellinwood KS; and George and Linda Long Ross, Hutchinson KS. 
 Also visiting with the group was Linda's sister,
Marsha Long Wierman.  They stayed at the Holiday Inn Express
 here in Hutch on June 4th and 5th.  They enjoyed lunch
 in Chase on Saturday and drove around the area reminiscing.  

Class of 1943 enjoyed themselves on May 17, 2003 at the
CHS High School Graduation.  They visited in the afternoon,
toured the school, had supper together and attended
 graduation.  Jud Dupy, past president of the CHS Alumni
Association, and Alvin Heine, treasurer, presented each
senior with a gift from our association.  Class members attending
were Jud Dupy, Alvin & Frances Heine, Jim Hooper and
his daughter, Karen, Abbie Slentz Kenagy and her son,
David, Marilyn Link Muth, Jim and Ella Mae Sharpe,
and Betty Kirsch Wood who is an "honoree" class member. 

Pictured below are:  Alvin Heine, Abbie Slentz Kenagy,
Jim Sharpe, Marilyn Link Muth, Jud Dupy and Jim Hooper:




Jack Boyd, Donna Kelso, Paula Bliss, Nadine Link
Bob Reynolds, Jay Laessig, Leonard Reed

(Shared by Sherry Bliss Cole)

Pat Malone, Mickey Wasinger, Joan Dick, Barbara Wood, Ron Forshee, Bernard Martin,
Sharon Boldt, Joe Martin, Mary Taylor, Chris Coffman and Bob Coffman 


Back Row--Howard Kennedy, Jim Gillespie, Jerome Steffan, Karen McGee Gilkey,
Judy Casey Mares, Marilyn DuPont Allmon, Joyce Casey Brady, Dick Keesling & Allen Koen

Middle Row--Sherry (Bliss) Cole, Judy Stroup Albin, Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Sue Spangler York
Janet Stroup Bybee, Barbara Link Phelan, Sharleen Hulsebusch Reed, Patty Link Lewis

Front Row--Edie Werther Couture, Mary Ann Simmons Johnson,
Annette Short Hoover, Linda Truhlar Miller, & Kenny Malone


Connie Adams, Jerome Steffan, Patty Link, Carol Kirsch, Sherry Bliss,
Vicki Mernaugh, Barbara Link, Kenny Malone