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Dick Schremmer, Class of 1972

Kent Forshee, Class of  1973

Elaine Revel Pugh, Class of 1943

50th Class Reunion

The class of 1959 met in Silverthorne, Colorado from Sept. 14 to 17, 2009.  Those attending were
Kenny & Dolly Lawler, Dean & Brenda Link, Dick & Louise Link,  Jim & Mary Kopfman,
Curt & Hughlene Gillespie, Randol Walker, Max Tharp, George & Linda Long Ross.
Here are a few photos courtesy of George & Linda Long Ross and Kenny & Dolly Lawler.

The whole group

Kenny Lawler, Randol Walker, Curt Gillespie, Linda Long Ross,
Dick Link, Dean Link, Jim Kopfman & Max Tharp

Brenda Link, George Ross, Hughlene Gillespie,
Mary Matlack Kopfman, Dolly Lawler & Louise Link

Linda Long Ross

George Ross, Georgetown, CO

Linda Long Ross, Curt Gillespie, Max Tharp & Randol Walker

Mary Kopfman, Dolly Lawler, Brenda Link & Louise Link

George Ross, Randol Walker & Max Tharp

Linda Long Ross & Mary Matlack Kopfman

Max Tharp, Dick Link, Jim Kopfman, Randol Walker,
 Mary Kopfman, Louise Link & Linda Long Ross

Dick Link, George Ross, Max Tharp & Dean Link

Randol Walker

Kenny & Dolly Lawler

Max Tharp

Curt & Hughlene Gillespie

Jim & Mary Matlack Kopfman

Dean & Brenda Link

Randol Walker

Dick & Louise Link

George & Linda Long Ross

Dave and Claudia Peebler, Class of 1961 hosted a get-together Sept 12 at their home.
Dave put a video together of some of the guests.
Here is a link to the video--

Marjorie Kern Haeusler, Class of 1996
Mother, Carolyn Hathaway Kern, Class of 1968 and also a teacher at CHS

August 21-23 was the 45th Class Reunion for the Class of 1964.
Howard and Judy Kennedy hosted the group at their home in Placerville, Co. Gary came
from Idaho, Sandi from Texas, Bruce from Colorado, Kenny, Patty, Edie & Sherry from Kansas.

Here is the whole group on a trip into Telluride, Co
From L-R Judy Kennedy, Gerald Cole, Sherry Bliss Cole, Edie Werther Couture, Merle Lewis, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Lee Couture, Bruce Hamburger, Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy, Kenny Malone, Patty Link Lewis, Judy Malone & Jim Hodnett.

Merle & Patty Link Lewis

Lee & Edie Werther Couture

Bruce Hamburger

Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

Judy & Howard Kennedy

Gary Huck

Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Kenny & Judy Malone

Recently Gerald Bynum, Larry Haxton, Dale King and Allen Wilkerson
met in Wichita for a game of golf. The  wives made the most
of it by going to lunch, then to Town East for a little shopping. 
Afterwards they all  met at The Outback for dinner. 

L-R Gerald Bynum, Larry Haxton, Dale King & Allen Wilkerson

Back row-Vickie Wilkerson, Gerald Bynum, Kathy Bynum
Front row--Allen Wilkerson, Brenda King, Dale King, Larry Haxton, Janie Haxton

Several members of the Class of 1960 recently got together to plan for their
50th class reunion. Here are a couple photos---

Pat Werther Douglas, John Hill and Sharon Meyeres Williams.

Sharon Meyeres Williams & Carla Garman Hill, Class of 1965

John Hill & Sharon Meyeres Williams

Work day at Chase High School
This is a project that Mary Taylor Johnson and the committee have wanted to get done for awhile.

The background on the north trophy cases in need of a make over.

Looking better already. Frances Heine, Alvin Heine & Gerald Cole

The whole crew--Alvin Heine, Gerald Cole, Sherry Bliss Cole & Frances Heine

Cole and Alvin putting on some finishing touches.

A view of the middle section.

A view of the east section.

Another shot of the middle section.


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