2006 Chase Festival Parade

Getting the CHS Alumni Float ready

Carl Ashley and Marsha Long Wierman

Linda Long Ross, Betty Haas, Marsha Long Wierman,
Mary Taylor Johnson, Alvin Heine, Gene Haas, Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner

Tom Kizzar & Mary Taylor Johnson

Betty Haas, Gene Haas, Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner,
Mary Taylor Johnson, Linda Long Ross

Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner

Carl Ashley, Janet Kirsch Gray,
Linda Long Ross, Marsha Long Wierman

Gerald Cole

Carl Ashley & Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner

Sherry Bliss Cole, Chuck Gray, Janet Kirsch Gray, Alvin Heine, Dick Schremmer,
Gene Haas, Linda Long Ross, Mary Taylor Johnson, Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner

Gerald Cole and friend

Carl Ashley, Chuck Gray,  Alvin Heine,
Gene Haas, Linda Long Ross, Marcia Long Wierman,
 Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner, Betty Haas, Sherry Bliss Cole


Alvin Heine, Dick Schremmer, Sherry Bliss Cole,
 Chuck Gray, Janet Kirsch Gray

Chuck Gray, Janet Kirsch Gray, Carl Ashley, Linda Long Ross,
Bob Coldwater, Marsha Long Wierman, Gene Haas

Gene Haas, Linda Long Ross, Marsha Long Wierman
Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner, Betty Haas

Sherry Bliss Cole, Carl Ashley, Chuck Gray

Gerald Cole, Chuck Gray, Bob Coldwater

Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner & Gene Haas

Mary Taylor Johnson, Chuck Gray, Carl Ashley

The finished float

Sherry Bliss Cole & Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner

The front of Alvin's truck

The back of the float

Irene & Willard Herzberg

Kaytlynn Gilmore

Meadow Lee on left

The Cal-Maine Chickens

Debbie Denney Easterling

Gary Brady

Francis Brady

Dick Schremmer

Janet Kirsch Gray & Dick Schremmer

George & Virginia Sieker

Ronald Meredith & Mark Filler

Frances & Alvin Heine (our float driver)

Sherry Bliss Cole passing out candy and Felix calendars

Linda Long Ross passing out candy and Felix calendars

Mark this on your calendars--next All School Reunion

Mary Taylor Johnson, CHS Alumni Association president,
receiving our second place prize from Tracy Ward Wood

Photos courtesy of Frances Heine, Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

If you know the names of anyone that we have not named, please
contact us so we can put them under their photos.

Following photos courtesy of Gene & Betty Haas

Carl Ashley, Mary Taylor Johnson, Gerald Cole, Gene Haas, Alvin Heine

Sherry Bliss Cole, Linda Long Ross, Gerald Cole, Bob Coldwater,
Marsha Long Wiederman, Mary Jane Hardwick Rickner, Gene Haas

Carl Ashley, Bob Coldwater, Marsha Long Wiederman,
Gene Haas, Alvin Heine, Linda Long Ross

One of the other floats

The cars lining up

The following photos were courtesy of the Lyons News and
are some we didn't get---

Best Use Of Theme winner--
Victory Church

Dave & Jennie Kozel in their '55 Chevy

David Brady in his 1969 Camero

Meadow Lee & Carl Ashley

Moon Walk, Face Painting and Food

Money In The Haystack event

Fireman's version of Tug Of War


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