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Maggie Schneider, Class of 2019

What the Lyons News had to say about the fire at Calmaine

Chicken house at Calmaine was on fire at this posting
not sure of cause. 428/19

Dave Peebler also provided this way after photo

Dave Peebler provided the before photos

After photos by Valerie Keesling Saunders

So this happened in Chaseamerica the first week or so of April. It was posted on facebook and some of the comments
that speculated as to what it used to be are these: That is the Joe Adams (snow cone) home. Dr. Wallace had an office there also, The old Adams building. Joe Adams had a plumbing shop there and they lived in the back, I think at one time he had a shoe repair shop. I remember him sitting out on those stairs in the evenings, They used to sell fireworks out of there, it was originally a meat market. The house was added in the 50's and it was the oldest building in town. It was made of Chase bricks, which were very soft bricks and they were made at a plant down by where Farley's is now. So what do you remember about this building? email me and I will add those comments to this post. Sad to see any building in Chase gone.

Homecoming King and Queen
Johnathan Kloxin, Rachel Janda, King Willy Otto, Queen Kirsten Wood, Austin Donavan, Shae Brown
Michael Moberg & Rozalin Hjetland

Have not heard the outcome of this game or who got crowned as yet.

February 5

Kats and Lady Kats lost to Sylvan-Lucas

February 1

The Kats lost to Southern Cloud 52-24

Lady Kats lost also 49-38 but heard it was a close game until
the 4th quarter and the Warriors pulled away.

January 29

Kats lost to Lincoln by 1 point

Lady Kats lost to Lincoln

January 28

Lady Kats lost to Wilson 43-41

January 25

Kats lost to Pike Valley

Lady Kats~~

January 24

RJH Bulldogs placed 2nd in the league tournament at Tescott

January 22

Game with Natoma was postponed until Feb 11.

Boys only as they don't have a girls team.

January 17

Lady Kats lost to Southern Cloud 37-32

January 16

Kats won over Lincoln 50-45

Lady Kats lost to Lincoln 35-30

January 15

Kats lost to Rock Hills but beat Natoma 38-35

Lady Kats lost to St Johns-Tipton 47-26

January 14

Lady Kats won in overtime vs Pike Valley

January 21

RJH girls lost to Tescott in 1st round

RJH boys had a bye 1st round

Won vs Tescott in 2nd round & play for championship Jan 24

January 17

RJH JV teams lost to Tescott

Varsity teams won in overtime

January 10

RJH JV boys and girls lost to Natoma

Varsity girls lost but boys won in overtime

January 7

RJH played Lincoln. All four teams won

January 8

Lady Kats lost against Wilson in overtime 41-39

January 4

Rock Hills VS JV boys and Lady Kats won with The Kats losing.

January 3

RJH VS Lincoln All four teams won for 8th grade parents night.

Saw this ad in the Lyons paper

Dec 20
The lady Kats lost to Fairfield by two points and the Kats lost by 6

Dec 18

It was a tough night for the Kats at Central Christian. Lost all three games.

Dec 14

The Kats lost to Lakeside and the Lady Kats won 39-38 in overtime

Dec 13

The RJH Bulldogs traveled to Wilson, the girls lost both games and the JV goys lost by 1
The varsity boys won

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

December 11
 Kats and Lady Kats won over Tescott

December 8
 Lady Kats lost to Stafford by 4 and Kats lost to Otis-Bison

December 6
 RJH bulldogs varsities lost both games

December 4
 Lady Kats lost to Fairfield and the Kats won over Fairfield

December 3
 RJH Bulldogs hosted Otis-Bison. Girls lost both games, boys won both games.
JV boys won in overtime.

December 3
 Chase Kats lost to South Haven

The Chase Kats played Thunder Ridge Nov 30
The girls lost 42-4 and the boys lost 51-27

The RJH Bulldogs traveled to Sylvan Grove Nov 15.
It was a rough night as the teams all came home with losses.

Update on this tournament.
he girls lost to Natoma and the boys beat Natoma. They played Palco with the girls winning in double overtime and the boys losing a close one. They played  Logan with the  girls losing 11-15, and the boys winning 35-32

Don Keesling, Class of 1953

If you get hungry in Chaseamerica check out these menus from Kats Korner.

Met sister Paula Bieberle in Chaseamerica to take some of the Chase Kats and Felix items we have for you to purchase in the newly reopened Kats Korner. Our thanks to Jimmy the new owner for allowing us to do this and giving us a glass case to put them in. Love the improvements he has made and wish him every success. Also thank you to clerks Paula and Missy and customer Larry for their help.  Check out the store and while there get you some much needed Chase Kat sweatshirts, tees, hats or hoodies ( and a few other odds and ends) to start the school year for you and the kids. We do have kids tees. Sizes vary and only have what is in stock but I can special order if you need a size we don't have. Only stipulation is you need to pay me in advance and the cost will vary with what is in the store because I bought them in volume. The more I can purchase the cheaper I can get them. Thank you.
PS excuse the scratches on the photos, they are in the glass.


Son of Doug Keesling, Class of 1987


Cinda Kilgore Herrera, Class of 1993

Kat spirit alive and well in Chaseamerica

Beth Coldwater, Class of 1976

I thought this was interesting, anyone remember this family?
Article says she might have been from Chase.

Story of the Cross between Chase and Lyons

Here is a photo that I took before it was moved.

Photo shared by David Peebler, we can't tell if that year is 37 or 57.

Many of our alumni will remember Charles and Bernice Day

Found this in the Lyons News Archives. Couldn't find Class of 2024

Who remembers the re-opening of the Chase Theater in 1963?


Here is our future Class of 2023

This was in the Hutchinson News awhile back and thought we would share it in case you didn't see it.



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