2017 Chase High Graduates


Graduation May 13, 2017

Jim Meyeres, Class of 1967 7 Sherry Bliss Cole, Class of 1964 going to hand out gifts from the CHS Alumni Association to the Seniors.

Ushers Brayden Moore & Marissa Long

Andrea Aguilera

Akia Blackburn

Kyla Calhoun

Brandon Enfield

Conner Hill

Kebren Julian

Virginia Martinez

Kylor Millar

Justin Oberle

Taytem Patton

Katelyn Potter

Jasmin Sotelo

Lillian Tilton

Mr Brock Hampton, Principal

The Seniors

Glenna Grinstead, Superintendent, Sheree Poskey, Counselor, John Wellman, Teacher/Coach

Taytem Patton, StuCo President

Conner Hill, Salutatorian

Andrea Aguilera, Valedictorian

Speaker, John Wellman, Teacher/ Coach

Seniors getting flowers to hand to their loved ones

Seniors getting flowers to hand to their loved ones

Jim Meyeres with Akia Blackburn & Andrea Aguilera

Jim Meyeres with Conner HIll

Jim Meyeres getting assistance from Sherry Bliss Cole

Jim Meyeres with Justin Oberle

Jim Meyeres doing a fine job

Gerald Cole giving Katelyn Potter her gift, He is friends with her Grandfather

Seniors moving the tassels

Senior now alumni throwing of the hats!

In the Lyons News, the grads and their accomplishments









We congratulate you, Class of 2017!!!

Always remember your Chase roots, wherever life takes you---

Our thanks to Jim Meyeres, Class of 1967 and Sherry Bliss Cole, Class of 1964 for handing out the gifts to the seniors from the CHS Alumni Association.
Gerald Cole for taking photos
Newspaper photos from The Lyons Daily News.

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