2024 Chase High Graduates

2024 Commencement program front

2024 Commencement program inside left

2024 Commencement program inside right

2024 Commencement program back


Marilyn Dupont and Denice Schmidt Sledd
handed out the gifts from the CHS Alumni to the Seniors


Ushers Jersey Meyeres & Edward Esquivel

Walon Belk

Rhyan Vise

Bradyn Christansen

Ambrose, Miller

Haylie Schroeder

Falyn Spangler

Abigail Blackburn

Principal Tami Schepmann


Seniors--Walon Belk, Abigail Blackburn, Bradyn Christansen, Ambrose, Miller,
Haylie Schroeder, Falyn Spangler and Rhyan Vise

Speaker Wayne DeWerff

Friends & family

Terri Feil, photographer


We congratulate you, Class of 2024!!!

Always remember---

"Chase your dreams, but always know the road that'll lead you home again"
                                                                                        Tim McGraw


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