2008 All School Reuinon


Send any photos that you would like to share and I will get
them posted,  please identify anyone in your photos.
If you are miss-identified in any photo, please let me know.
If you are in a photo and I didn't get you identified, please let me know.
Thank you and enjoy.

  Sherry--- elocs@cox.net

Photos courtesy of---
Frances Heine
Chuck Gray
Merle Lewis
Gerald & Sherry Cole
Sharon Kirsch Hoverter
Allen Wilkerson
Jean Lindsay Sink
Janice Foote Peterson
David Peebler


Click on photo page you would like to view--

Thursday Night--Sept 25

Friday--Sept 26  

Saturday--Sept 27

Sunday--Sept 28 

Class Group Photos

Winners of our Registration Felix Pins

100th registration--Debbie Denney Easterling

200th registration--Max Tharp


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