2008 Reunion Photos---Thursday Sept 25

The Registration Room

Outside the Registration Room

Frances Heine manning the Registration Room

Quilt made by Toni Mernaugh Morton displayed in Registration room.
 It was raffled off on Saturday night at the banquet

Alvin Heine selling raffle tickets for the quilt

Kats Kraft Shoppe

Kats Kraft Shoppe, pictured inside room is Gene Haas & Gary Huck

Patsy Hembree McCoy, not only helped in setting up the Shoppe but was one of the best customers!!

Gene Haas doing a little shopping

Some of the items we had for sale in the Shoppe

More of the items we had for sale in the Shoppe

Few more of the items we had for sale in the Shoppe

Another view of the goodies

The 1961&1964 Hospitality Room

Outside the Hospitality Room for Combined Classes 1961 & 1964.
Class representatives--Paula Bliss Bieberle & Sherry Bliss Cole

An inside view of the Hospitality Room

Sherry Bliss Cole, Patty Link Lewis and Arleen Link Dahl

Patty Link Lewis, Arleen Link Dahl & Alvin Heine

   James & Gary Lewis, Sherry Bliss Cole & Jay Laessig looking at a 1960 yearbook

Gary Lewis, Merle Lewis, James Lewis & Jay Laessig

Peggy Laessig & Patty Link Lewis

Jay Laessig, Carl Ashley & Chuck Gray

Gary Huck & Gerald Cole

Arleen link Dahl

Gerald Cole & Jack Boyd

Janet Kirsch Gray

Hamburger Night At the American Legion

Bus unloading at the American Legion

Can't wait for the those burgers!

Let me at em!!!!
Don & Pat Dunning Young,  Carl Ashley

Gary Huck, Sherry Bliss Cole & Gerald Cole

Gathering for the feast
Chuck Younkin, Allen Wilkerson, Don Young, Gene McFarland & Pat Dunning Young

Tommie Daniel Halfast, Kathy Colle, Roberta Halfast Allen, Pat Dunning Young, Gene McFarland & Tom Halfast

Barbara Purkepyle Grob, Donna Ruark Lackey, Help??, Help?? & Rita Sharpe

Debi Snyder (she served us our drinks) & Gene Haas

Mary Taylor Johnson & Sherry Bliss Cole

Chuck Gray

Don Lindsay & Jay Laessig

Jay & Peggy Laessig

Peggy Laessig's glass--keeping the fly out

Linda Long Ross, Betty Haas, Gene Haas, Joyce Dellinger Burress,
Marsha Long Wierman, Dwight Gwaltney & Bob McClary

Marsha Long Wierman & Mary Taylor Johnson

Tom & Tommie Daniel Halfast

Looking south over a very nice crowd of Chase Kats!!

Facing this way, Merle Lewis & Gerald Cole

Back row Linda Long Ross, Marsha Long Wierman, Dwight Gwaltney

Seated is Mary Taylor Johnson & James Lewis

 Judy Shutt Nixon

Some great looking Chase Kats!!!

See what you missed??

 Paul & Roseann Thomas Miller, seated.
Roberta Halfast Allen & Kathy Colle

Patty Link Lewis & Arlene Link Dahl

Roberta Halfast Allen, Kathy Colle, Tom & Tommie Daniel  Halfast

Facing camera, Joyce Dellinger Burress & Frances Heine

James Campbell & Ann Malone Kopfman

Harold Goble & Bob Kopfman

Ann Malone Kopfman & Carol Malone Goble

Bob McClary and looking south at all the Chase Kats

Waiting to get back on the bus

Hanging Out In The Minidome

Looking into the Mini Dome Area

Looking out of the Mini Dome Area to the outside doors.
Alvin Heine to the right

Carl Ashley & Alvin Heine trying to count the balloons in the arch


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