2017 Chase All School Reunion
  Bulletin Board

Reunion Host Hotel~~

Atrium Hotel & Convention Center
1400 North Lorraine
Hutchinson KS 67501

List of 2017 Reunion attendees are listed
by Class year clear at the bottom of this page~~

September 28-Oct 1, 2017

Hope that you were able to make the reunion and were one of the ones having a good time. We are working with the hotel to get the hotel booked for the 2020 All School Reunion.
Here is a list of who won prizes at the banquet. Quilts listed farther down.


Oldest Chase Kat this year was Gene Haas, Class of 1949
He won a framed "old' Felix original drawing by a friend of Coles
and a bag of black jelly beans


The youngest Chase Kat was once again Mark Coffman, Class of 1988
He won a framed' young' Felix original drawing by the same artist
and a bag of assorted candies.


Packet "goodie" received with registration.




Door prizes winners

This year we drew a ticket and they came up and chose what they wanted.


  Carol Kuster Hensley chose the Felix cookie jar
Rick Kloxin chose the Felix wall clock



    Major Towns chose the Felix Beanie
Debby Denney Easterling chose the Felix shot glass


                  Marlene Wasinger chose the Chase Kats Sweatshirt
Sharon Kirsch Hoverter chose the Chase has KAT-I-TUDE tee


                    Leland Southern chose the Felix cap
Jean Lindsay Sink chose the other Felix not a beanie

Registration Returned  "Cash"  $35.00

Treva Paulson chose the "cash"


 Alumni Association meeting is on Saturday
at 1:30 in the APOLLO 3 Room. Be sure someone
is representing your class but all alumni are
welcome and encouraged to attend. Election
of Officers is on the agenda.


Chapel with Paul Coffman Sunday Morning
9-9:30 in the APOLLO 3  Room


Atrium Hotel & Convention Center (Host Hotel)
1400 N. Lorraine Street
(Note: Does not accept checks at check in)

Days Inn
1420 N. Lorraine Street

Fairview Inn & Suites
1111 N. Lorraine

Hampton Inn
1401 1/2 East 11th

Econo Lodge
1315 East 11th

Super 8
1621 Super Plaza

Holiday Inn Express ( Behind Arby's on 11th St)
911 Porter



Hospitality room must be reserved through me, Sherry Bliss Cole
@ elocs@cox.net or call me 620.662.4660

Be sure to tell them you are with the Chase All School Reunion or
 Chase Alumni Association (as we have found out) to get in our block of rooms!
Photo of hotel layout farther down.


Subject to change
If you would like to reserve a hospitality room
for your class please contact Sherry at elocs@cox.net for info

Room 302~~Registration
Room 304~~Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shoppe and Raffle ticket items
Room 306~~Class of 1969 & 1972, Chuck & Janet Gray
Room 308~~Class of 1957 & 1959, Marsha Wierman & Linda Ross
Room 310 and 312 are unavailable as hospitality rooms
Room 314~~Available
Room 316~~Class of 1967--Jim Meyeres
Room 318~~Class of 1985~~Tom Kizzar
Room 320~~Class of 1963, Mary Johnson
Room 322~~Class of 1961 and 1964, Paula Bieberle & Sherry Cole

Tentative Events Schedule
Registration fee is $35.00 pp before Sept 1st
after that and walk ins are $40.00

Thursday, Sept 28th
3:00 PM-4 PM-Registration-Room 302
6:00 PM-Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shop-Room 304
4:00 PM-Hamburger night at Hutchinson American Legion
Pay at the door event

Friday, Sept 29th
8:00 AM-Registration-Room 302
8 AM-2:00 PM-Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir-Room 304
9:00AM-6:30:00PM-Open House at Chase High School
AM Class get-togethers--Check with your class.
4:00PM-6:00PM-Homecoming BBQ Hog Feed
in the Chase High School Gym. Pay at the door event.
6:30 PM-Homecoming Football festivities
6:45 PM-Line up for tunnel
7:00 PM-Game begins   GO KATS

Saturday, Sept 30th
8:00 AM-Registration-Room 302
8:00 AM-3 PM-Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shop-Room 304
Additional Class get-togethers--Check with your class.
1:30PM Alumni Association business meeting
2:00-5:00PM in Atrium Photo booth with Felix on hand 2-3:30
3:00PM Social time in Atrium with cash bar
6:00PM Evening Banquet -
covered with your registration fee
8:00 PM Dance-
covered with your registration fee

Sunday, Oct 1st
9-9:30am-Chapel Service-All welcome
Conducted and sponsored by Paul Coffman, Class of 1974
Final Farewells


At the banquet~~~

 Made and donated by Sharon Kirsch Hoverter,
Won by Nancy Reynolds

Made and donated by Ann Milsap Wood
Won by David Ball


Donated by Marcia Tharp Alexander, and
made by her daughter Trudy Alexander.
Won by Pam Denney Light




The following have let me know that they are planning special events
for their class. For more information, please contact them:

Upcoming Class Reunion, Class of 1957, 60 Years

The CHS class of 1957 will be celebrating their 60th anniversary during the All School Reunion.  Class members please meet in our hospitality room
 # 308 on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

For more information contact: Marsha Wierman at 620-663-9006

Class of 1967 will be celebrating their 50th class reunion during the All School Reunion. They have a hospitality room reserved and will provide details closer to reunion time.


For the Class of 1969, Chuck Gray will have a meeting to discuss plans for their 50th class reunion in 2019 on Saturday Sept 30 during the 2017 All School Reunion. For more information contact Chuck at 308-350-1811





We got 'em' for the 2017 dance!!!


 Atrium Hotel & Convention Center Layout

This is Astronaut Gene Haas inside the Kansas Splash looking for you to
attend the Chase 2017 All School Reunion



The 100th, 200th, 300th and so on registration will win a Felix pin of your choice.
We are also going to give the first one to register (besides the committee) a Felix pin.

Winner of the first pin~~~Patty Link Lewis  "Congrats and thank you for early registration"
Winner of our 100th registration~~~Dan Martin "Congrats!"


Walk ins

Larry OHara, Class of 1958
Sue Milsap O'Hara, Class of 1958
Paige Kelso, Class of 1986
Terri Kelso Feil, Class of 1974
Derald Boldt, Class of 1955
Sarah Boldt
Rodger Kelso, Class of 1967
Adele Bernstorf Pulliam, Class of 1954
Phil Pulliam, Class of 1952
Rick Kloxin, Class of 1969
Annette Short Hoover, Class of 1964
Lisa Wilcox, Class of 1987

Teachers and/or Coaches

Class of 1949
     Gene Haas

Class of 1950

Class of 1951
     Olive Ann Harmon Price & daughter Glenda Price
     Barbara Purkeypyle Grob
     Major Towns
     Martin (Jerry) & Judy Robl

Class of 1952
     Colleen McPherson Taylor (Will sit with Class of 1953)
     Kathryn Purkeypyle Huschka

Class of 1953
     James (Spunk) Taylor
     Roberta Halfast Allen
     Keith & Nadine Fuller
     Donald Keesling & Treva Paulson
     Earl & Eloise Bynum Mueller

Class of 1954
     Bob Hoppes

Class of 1955
     Helen Hammill Bybee (Didn't make it)
     Ermal Davis
     Gene Adams
     Leland Southern

Class of 1956
     Pat Lindsay Towns
     Dan Martin
     Barbara Deweese Thompson
     Lois Partington Hoppes
     Barbara Payne Pomeroy
     J. R. & Judy Adams

Class of 1957
     Myrna James Peters
     Karen Fuller Freeman
     Jeanne Matlack Simmons (Didn't make it)
     Kay Kopfman Thrall
     Carol Kuster Hensley
     Marsha Wierman
     Larry Wood
     Raymond & Norma Robl Higgins
     Irene Adams Davis
     Wilbur & Donna McBeth
     Andy & Jo Donnell Anderson
     Merle Dupont
     Floyd May

Class of 1958
     Neil & Deanna Link DeVore
     Jean Lindsay Sink
     Bill & Janice Ashley Darling
     Ann Milsap Wood
     Curtis Schmidt
     Roberta Keesling May
     Judy Shutt Nixon (Didn't make it)

Class of 1959
     Jim & Rande Kopfman
     Kenneth & Sharon (Dolly) Lawler
     Dick & Louise Link
     George & Linda Long Ross
     Curtis Gillespie
     Max Tharp
     Randol Walker

Class of 1960
     Jim & Pat Werther Butler
     Sharon Meyeres Williams
     James Lewis (will sit with Class of 1961) (Didn't make it)
     Hughlene Kinslow Gillespie (Will sit with Class of 1959)

Class of 1961
     Jack & Janette Boyd
     Della Starnes Darling (Didn't make it)
     Kenneth Jay & Peggy Laessig
     Don & Kate Lindsay
     Ron & Paula Bliss Bieberle
     Gary Lewis
     Barbara Kuster Cordill
     Lennie & Jana Reed
     Dwight & Barbara Smith
     David & Claudia Peebler
     Robert (Bob) & Nancy Reynolds
     Diana Shutt Manheimer (Didn't make it)

Class of 1962
     Allen Wilkerson (Will sit with the class of 1965)
     Marcia Tharp Alexander
     Phil & Janet Patton) Mathews
     Jim Ray (Didn't make it)

Class of 1963
     Kenny & Brenda Singleton Gomez
     Barbara Meyeres Haxton
     Mary Taylor Johnson
     Ted & Julia Tharp Green
     Chris Coffman

Class of 1964
     Merle & Patty Link Lewis
     Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole
     Carol Kirsch Mitchell
     Jimmy & Sandi Richardson Hodnett
     Marilyn Dupont
     Karen McGee Gilkey
     Jerome & Della Steffan
     Kenny Malone
     Pat & Barbara Link Phelan

Class of 1965
     David & LInda Blevins
     Ramona (Toni) Mernagh Morton
     Vickie Wilkerson (Allen will sit with this class)
     Tom & Marlene Wasinger
     Sherry Singleton Cook
     Carolyn "Carrie" Simmons Mattingly

Class of 1966
     Doug & Sharon Kirch Hoverter
     Sheryl Thornton Bass

Class of 1967
     Frank & Jeri Kopfman Vondra
     Dennis & Ann Singleton
     Jim Meyeres
     Linda Link Meyeres
     Larry Steffan

Class of 1968
     Howard Link

Class of 1969
     Gregg & Debby Denney Easterling
     Janie Steffan Haxton
     Tim & Elaine Link Bynum
     Bob Kopfman
     Darren Thornton
     Debby Schmidt Steffan
     Chuck Gray     

Class of 1970
     Ann Malone Kopfman

Class of 1971

Class of 1972
     Dick & Janice Schremmer
     Jeanine Wood Link
     Janet Kirsch Gray

Class of 1973
     Malcom Link & Donna Davis
     Jim Crowl
     Teresa Wood Crowl

Class of 1974
     Paul & Amy Coffman
     Mick & Deana Doll
     Mitch & Pam Denney Light

Class of 1975
     Richard & Diane Fiedler
     Jim Steffan
     Denice Schmidt Sledd

Class of 1976
     Doug & Nancy Eberhart Kizzar
     Gerald Fiedler

Class of 1977

Class of 1978
     Tamara Doll Campbell
     Cindy Holliday Steffan  

Class of 1979
     Pam Gillespie Patterson

Class of 1980 

Class of 1981
     Cathy Messick Coon
     Steve & Kaye Coffman (Didn't make it)

Class of 1982

Class of 1983
     Rhonda Gillespie Flickinger

Class of 1984
     Tina Wilkerson Andrews
     Charlotte Patterson Larsen   

Class of 1985
     David Ball
     Rick & Debora Doll Weve
     Tom Kizzar
     Lori Wilcox Wisehart

Class of 1986

Class of 1987

Class of 1988
     Mark Coffman

Class of 1989

Class of 1990

Class of 1991

Class of 1992

Class of 1993

Class of 1994

Class of 1995

Class of 1996

Class of 1997

Class of 1998

Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

Class of 2002

Class of 2003

Class of 2004

Class of 2005

Class of 2006

Class of 2007

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Class of 2011

Class of 2012

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Class of 2016



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