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David Peebler, Class of 1961 found this gem in his stash of memorabilia

Presley Hawley, Class of 2009
Lance Kilgore, Class of 2007

Dave Peeblers' Kats Kapers flashback moments.

Dave Peebler submitted some more flashback moments from the Kats Kapers.

Dave Peebler submitted this Kats Kapers flash back moment.

Work day for the last trophy case we needed to put a background in at the high school

The glass was so heavy we didn't want to take it
out to clean it so Gerald Cole really got into his work

Putting in the finishing wipe

All done

We also needed to fill a frame for the entrance to the old part of the
school so Bob McClary brought over boxes of memorabilia that has been
donated to the Alumni. Bob and Paula Bieberle looking through some of it.

Bob, Paula and Betty Haas

Gene Haas putting the pictures in the frame.




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