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Front row- Rebecca Proffit Cook, Crystal Werner Suppes, Janet Kirsch Gray, Anne Martin Gruss, 2nd row- Dick Schremmer, Valerie Doll-Rosinski, Nancy Wasinger Cantrell, Deb Loesch Bach, Connie Ringwald Sudbeck, Terri Doll Huslig, Jeanine Wood Link, Back row Larry Miller, Jane Wasinger Sparks, hiding is Betty Popp, Annette Boldt.

Joseph Kern, Class of 2000

Maggie Schneider, Class of 2019

Malachai Kocher, Class of 2009

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

Doug Keesling, Class of 1987

David Peebler, Class of 1961

David is the one in the middle

Class of 1964 had their 55th Class reunion in the Brick Town area of Oklahoma City

Sherry Bliss Cole, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Kenny Malone,

Patty Link Lewis, Carol Kirsch Mitchell and Karen McGee Gilkey

Their support group, Gerald Cole, Merle Lewis, Judy Malone and Jim Hodnett

Class of 1959 had a 60th Class reunion in Hutchinson at the Comfort Inn

Jim Kopfman, Randol Walker, Dean Link, Linda Long Ross, Jim Robinson,

Kenny Lawler, Max Tharp, Larry Caldwell, John Fore & Curt Gillespie

Their support group, Rande Kopfman, Kay Fore, George Ross, Hughlene Gillespie & Dolly Lawler

Doug Keesling, Class of 1987 and son Chase.

Andrea Aguilera, Class of 2017

Class of 1979 40 YR Class Reunion at The V in Lyons, KS

Front Row-Tammy Coldwater Fish, Sheryl Ingham Burggraf, Pam Gillespie Patterson

Back Row-Janean Loesch Hicks, Gerald Aguilera, Duane Wood, Gilbert Aguilera.

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

Audree Aguilera, Class of 2014

Doug Keesling, Class of 1987

Friends getting together for Christmas.
Sherry Bliss Cole, Class of 1964
Pat Werther Butler, Class of 1960
Sharon Long Bradford, Class of 1964
Edie Werther Couture, Class of 1964

Our support groupies that could make it
Gerald Cole and Jim Butler

Hope this is our Brandon Enfield, Class of 2017

Four girls from the Class of 1963 gathering for lunch at Carriage Crossing.
Brenda Gomez, Mickey Wasinger, Mary Johnson and Barbara Haxton

Justin Holliday, Class of 1996

Chuck Gray, Class of 1969

Emily Root, Class of 2014

On a recent trip with a friend through our ole CHS stomping grounds Dave Peebler shared photos and
agreed to let me post two of these on here. He caught the Lady Kats having a practice and stopped in to
see that Elsie Sells, age 92, is still working at the bank. She looks great!


Annette Short Hoover, Class of 1964

Justin Oberle & Conner Hill, both Class of 2017

Annette Short Hoover, Class of 1964

Cole and I went back to the high school and finished cleaning an re-arranging the 1980's trophy case.
Here are a few photos of the finished project.


East end                                                    Middle                                                   West end

The whole case

The School has been busy filling the north side trophy cases outside the newer gym.
Here are the results~~~The 1990's

The 2000's on top and 2010 on bottom

The middle case as you come in the front door

CHS was needing more trophy case room so Cole, Granddaughter Tia and I went to Chase last Saturday and had a workday.
We dusted, cleaned all the cases, glass and did some moving around.  We divided the trophies on the north wall of the school next to the gym
and moved the older ones to the trophy case down across from the old gym. We moved the 20's, 30's and 40's around to be able to put some 50's
on the north end of it and the middle 50's in the case across from the old gym and the later 50's on the south wall across
from the newer gym along with the 60's and 70's. The 80' are still in the case between the offices  and the case displaying Paul Coffman memorabilia.
That will give the school the middle case as you walk in the door and the whole north side cases to put the 90's on up. Our In Honor of plaques will stay
on the north side. While cleaning those in the 20's case I ran across two trophys from 1916. Very neat. Here are a few photos of the results.

1916 Trophy

1916 Trophy

Cole working hard

North side of the old case in the entrance hallway. Love the footballs!

South side of the old case in the entrance hallway.
You can see some plaques behind some of the trophys on the left.

The case across from the old gym housing the middle 50's

The later 50's new spot on the south wall across from the newer gym

Between the 50's and 60's. Remember the paddle that Mr Martin used to use?
Here is one of them donated by Dan Martin, Class of 1956, is your name on it?

The 60's case

Between the 60's and the 70's

The 70's new end of the case on the south side.
Kala Little McLemore your sticker that you donated is in the upper right hand corner.

Kala Little McLemore, close up of  your sticker that you donated.

Cole putting the finishing touches on the glass.
All ready for the current classes trophys.

Miranda McCloud, Class of 2012 and Lucas Ingham, Class of 2012

Paul Bliss Jr attended his grandson Trey Richards graduation so while
he was in Hutchinson, Dennis Singleton rounded up a few of the gang
at Longshot in Chase and had a good visit.

John Forshee, Paul Bliss, Jeri Kopfman Vondra, Dennis Singleton & Jim Meyeres

John Forshee, Sherry Cole, Paul Bliss, Jim Meyeres, Jeri Kopfman Vondra, Gerald Cole,
Linda Link Meyeres, Ruth Popp Miller, Frank Vondra, Dennis Singleton, & Donnie Miller

Ray Hoover, Jeri Kopfman Vondra, Paul Bliss, Dennis Singleton, Howard Link, John Forshee & Jim Meyeres
In 2017 they will celebrate 50 years since graduation, can you believe it?

The Class of 1976 celebrated their 40th class reunion by having a BQ at the city park in ChaseAmerica!!!

James Shultz, Valerie Holliday Shultz, Julie Starbuck Urban, Tamara Madden, Beth Coldwater, Chuck Patterson, Connie Bohannan Shadduck,

Robin Patterson Jesseph, Gerald Fiedler, Elaine Forshee Straub, Nancy Eberhart Kizzar & Doug Kizzar

Few years ago Wanda Clayton Mallory, Class of 1980 sent me some newspaper clippings.
Here are the photos out of them, year is 1974

Football program

At the 2014 All School Reunion two 1948 yearbooks were donated to the CHS Alumni Association
I was looking through one the other day and found the ads interesting. They are from Chase, Lyons, Ellinwood, & Sterling.
How many do you remember?

David Peebler, Class of 1961

David Peebler, Class of 1961

The Chase High, Class of 1965 had its 50th Reunion… on October 9,10,&11 the following classmates attended: Kent Brown, Frank Kizzar, Linda "Messick" Kimple, David Ray, Carla "Garman" Hill, Tom Wasinger, David Blevins, Jacque "Vansteenburg" Fowler, Bob Peebler, Vickie "Neal" Wilkerson, Carolyn "Simmons" Mattingly and spouses  We met Friday, at Long Shots for hamburgers and fries and then went to Chase High, Homecoming… for the ones that needed motels we stayed at Great Bend.   Saturday, morning we met for breakfast and then on to Chase High School for a tour and even viewed the Junior High & Elementary across the street … oh what memories were brought back… at 12:30 pm we had a lunch catered, which was at the Chase Community Building.. the afternoon was spent looking at yearbooks, pictures, and sharing about our Life and where 50 years went ???   Then we all gathered in Great Bend, KS for supper at The Bistro Page for a steak dinner… Sunday, morning brought us to breakfast, one more time and then said our good-bye’s… We are planning to get-together in two years….by Carla "Garman" Hill

Linda "Messick" Kimple, Vickie "Neal" Wilkerson and Carolyn"Simmons" Mattingly

Bob Peebler, David Blevins, Jacque "Vansteenburg" Fowler, Kent Brown, Carla "Garman" Hill,
Frank Kizzar, Carolyn
"Simmons" Mattingly, Tom Wasinger, Linda "Messick" Kimple, Vickie "Neal" Wilkerson

Deb Brown, Kent Brown, Linda "Messick" Kimple, Richard Kimple, Bob Peebler
then Marlene Wasinger sitting by herself and in front of her is Jim Meyers

Jacque "Vansteenburg" Fowler, Vickie "Neal" Wilkerson, Tom Wasinger, Linda "Messick" Kimple, Kent Brown ,
"Simmons" Mattingly, David Blevins , Frank Kizzar and Carla "Garman" Hill

Had to chop this up to scan it so hope you get the gist of most of the article.

 Coffman asked if he could join         pounds. He earned the starting          for the first time and seeing

Paul Coffman, Class of 1974

David Peebler, Class of 1961. DHR stands for Derby Health & Rehabilitation LLC

This clipping was sent to me from Merle Lewis, husband of Patty Link Lewis
He thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing it.
David Peebler made it black and white instead of yellowed.

Christina Sledd, Class of 2014,  qualified for the State Sand Greens Golf Tournament this past spring.  She was the only girl to do so.

Class of 1998, Temple, Rachel & Maddox Link

Jacque Wiens, Class of 1974

  The Laudermilk family stand in front of a gallery exhibit of their mother’s watercolor paintings

 Studio 96 remembers Pat Laudermilk at annual gala event

 96 featured a retrospective exhibit of Pat Laudermilk’s works as tribute to the artist and as part of the Annual Gala Fundraiser and Membership Drive Saturday, February 1. More than 100 members and guests were present to view a selection of Laudermilk’s watercolor paintings, sketches and copper tooled panels.

Laudermilk was not only a well-known local artist and member of the Rice County Arts Council she was also a founding board member of Studio 96. Son, Terry Laudermilk addressed attendees. “Thank you so much for honoring our mother and for seeing the value in her artwork. She did so many things well but to us she was mom.” Terry Laudermilk, pointing to the Wichita State Shockers shirt he was wearing said, “See this? M.T.E.X. That stands for mentally tough extra effort. That’s our mom. She was mentally tough and she put a lot of effort into all she did, especially as a wife and mother.”

Laudermilk recalled his mother’s love of art, family and the Sterling community. Jeff Laudermilk joined his brother Terry and together they briefly described an extension of their mother’s legacy in the establishment of student scholarships and a Studio 96 endowment. The audience applauded and Studio 96 founding board member, Cynthia Morton expressed appreciation for Laudermilk’s generous support of the arts.

Morton also thanked several individuals and businesses that contributed both to the con­tinued building updates and the success of the evening’s events. Morton then reported the latest Studio 96 news including the gallery addi­tion of Max Moxley’s Sterling Streetscape photographs which were matted and framed by Alice Mattson. Local artists Gordon and Rae Zahradnik were also recognized and LouAnn Cobb spoke briefly in remem­brance of the couple’s contri­bution to the art community.

Morton then introduced Sterling Mayor, Steve Rivas as auctioneer. The auction featured several paintings, includ­ing three of Pat Laudermilk’s watercolors, original pottery from Alice Mattson, unique handmade jewelry, certifi­cates for Jethro’s Steakhouse, K-State basketball tickets, and tin tiles from the Studio’s original ceiling along with several other items contributed by local artists and businesses. One cream-colored piece of pottery yielded the highest auction bid. Known as the

 “Zahradnik’s urn, the piece sold for $500 with the inten­tion that the urn would be returned and auctioned each year in remembrance of artists Gordon and Rae Zahradnik.

Studio 96, Incorporated is a non-profit organization in Sterling with the purpose of promoting, encouraging, developing and expand­ing public appreciation and enjoyment of the arts to all age groups in the Rice County area. Learn more about Studio 96 at

Cynthia Morton displays a tin tile from the original ceiling of Studio 96 during Saturday’s gala auction.

Ermal Davis, Class of 1955

Davis receives his plaque from Daniel Buerki. The two worked together at Air Midwest.
 The award was originally solicited by former Air Midwest pilots and current FAA employees Dan Buerki and Steve West.

Wright Brothers Award

Lyons pilot  honored by FAA

By Judy Jones

Longtime pilot and aviation expert Ermal Davis of Lyons has received the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award from the Federal Aviation Administration. The award was presented to Davis at the Flight Standards District Office in Wichita on Dec. 12.

The award recognizes "pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 or more years," said Jim Lamb, FAA flight coordinator at Wichita. Davis was an airline pilot for Air Midwest.

"Davis was nominated by fellow workers, those who worked with him in his airline days at Air Midwest before he came to the FAA in the early ’90s," Lamb said. "He deserved this award for his work with Air Midwest and with the FAA." Davis was also a federal mediator for the FAA.

A Lyons resident since the late 1950s, Davis is a part-time Municipal Court judge, a position he has held since 1974. He has been consecutively appointed to the bench by 12 Lyons mayors. Court takes place in the City Hall courtroom the first and third Saturdays of the month.

"Davis was a well-known pilot before leaving Air Midwest," Lamb continued. He was a line pilot, check airman, and pilot examiner conducting airline transport captain-type ratings in heavy turbo-prop aircraft. "The judge has quite a background," he said.

Davis was a certified flight engineer, pilot, and airline transport pilot, and flew a multitude of airplanes over the 50 years. He retired from the FAA in December 2010.

The Lyons man learned to fly at the Lyons airport when he was a student at Sterling College. "An instructor thought I was carrying too many hours and told me, ‘Go out and do something different.’ " He learned to fly in a 1955 Tripacer.

Davis holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in the B-727, BAE- 3201, BE-350, BE-1900. SA-227, SF-340, and FE-turbojet. His position was to certify airline captains to fly for Air Midwest.

Recipients of the Wright Brothers award receive a national certificate and plaque. Since the program was begun in 2005, Davis is the 59th pilot out of 7,307 pilots in the FAAFSDO (State of Kansas minus Johnson and Wyandotte counties) area to receive it. Only 2,687 pilots out of approximately 940,000 pilots in the entire nation have received this prestigious award.

The award was presented 50 years and three days after Davis first began flying in 1963.

Kenny Malone, Class of 1964

 At the close of the 2013 calendar year, Rice County District Hospital, Lyons Medical Center and Sterling Medical Center recognized
the following employees their years of service: Five years: Laurie Beck, Amanda Butts, Tamara Emmons, Vernon Goerl, Sarah Jay,
Cassie Lock, Lauren McEachern, Bea Olson, Amy Pieplow and Molly Zwick; Ten years: Sheri Bottom, Dawn Joyner, Dawn Wilkey,
Treva Kintigh, Lisa Havard, Rachel McClure and Rachel Loesch; Fifteen years: Me­linda Brown and Charlotte Larsen;
Twenty-five years: Pam Suhler; and Thirty-five years: Lori Viramontez. Pictured left to right back row are Dawn Wilkey,
 Rachel McClure; Treva Kintigh; Melinda Brown and Vernon Goerl. Front Row: Charlotte Larsen, Lisa Harvard, Pam Suhler
 and Bea Olsen. (Lyons News photo by LouAnn Cobb)

Doug Kizzar, Jamie Shultz, Class of 1976 and Darren Long, Class of 1981

Jacque Wiens, Class of 1974

Carolyn Hathaway Kern, Class of 1968

Larry Wood, Class of 1957
Ann Milsap Wood, Class of 1958

At the recent Chase/Burrton game these two classmates met again after not seeing each other since graduation in 1961.
Rex Hoover and David Peebler.

 Class of 1957 got together for their 55th Class Reunion
Here are a few photos---

Back: Jack Tyrell , Merle Dupont, Pat O'Hara. Myrna James Peters, Jo Donnell Anderson, Wilbur McBeth, Jerry Linke
Front Row: Arlene West Hoover, Joan Hasker Winkelman, Kay Kopfman Thrall , Carol Custer Hensley , Joyce Dellinger Burris , Marsha Long Wierman , Norma Robl Higgons

Joan Hasker Winkelman, Joyce Dellinger Burris. Marsha Long Wierman & Myrna James Peters

Carol Custer Hensley, Jo Donnell Anderson, Pat O'Hara, Marsha Long Wierman

 Class of 1959.
A few of them got together recently

Jim Kopfman, Curt Gillespie, Randol Walker and Linda Long Ross.

Here is another shot--Curt Gillespie, Jim Kopfman, Linda Long Ross & Randol Walker.

Annette Short Hoover, Class of 1964

Dorothy Link Lamb, Class of 1969 shared this with us---

On August 4th, my son Jason and I went skydiving to celebrate our birthdays. Jason turned 40 this last June,
 and the kids bought me a jump for my 60th birthday. It's taken us over a year to coordinate the jump,
 but we finally did it on Saturday. It was a blast! But, I do think once is enough for me.
This was Jason's 2nd time. Here are a couple pictures.


Clay McEachern, Class of 2006

Carolyn Hathaway Kern, Class of 1968
This article was put in the Lyons News, to read her story in her own words click on the top of the article.
I had to put the news article on in two parts so the second part doesn't quite match the top. Sorry.

Rodney Proffitt, Class of 1966

Photo courtesy Pagosa Mountain Morning Rotary
In a tie vote, the Pagosa Mountain Morning Rotary Club selected Hal Stevens (left)
and Rod Proffitt as Rotarians of the Year for 2010-11 for their service to the club.

Pat Werther Douglas and Sherry Bliss Cole made a road trip
out to Edie Werther Couture's house for lunch and
a visit. From left to right, Edie Werther Couture, Class of 1964,
Pat Werther Douglas, Class of 1960, Sherry Bliss Cole,
Class of 1964 and Edie's daughter Kathy.

Hawaiian Cruise photos from Rod Bowen

Click on Sunset---


Some of the family and friends who gathered last summer to say goodbye to Bill Little.
L-R-- Mary Taylor Johnson, Scott Little, Evelyn Coffman, Chuck Younkin,
Martha Little, Patty Little King, Chris Coffman & Don King.


Paula Bliss Bieberle, Class of 1961, retires --- at last!

What else can they do to me?

Here is a news article that was in the Elko News
Arlene Dupont  Coffman, Class of  1962



ELKO - The ball hits the floor. Rolling. Rolling. Hooking. Into the gutter.

The next attempt scoots diagonally across the lane and manages to clip a single pin on the outside corner.

Not a great frame by bowling standards. But Arlene Coffman doesn't care.

It's a remarkable feat just for her to stand upright, let alone balance herself on a cane and put a spin on the ball in an honest effort to knock down pins at the end of the lane.

Coffman has the luxury of only one leg. She's getting used to a custom-fit prosthetic leg, but her two lower limbs aren't in perfect synchronization just yet.



That will come, but in the meantime, Coffman isn't missing out on any of her favorite pastimes. Including bowling.

“I need to learn how to walk by myself again, and I figured bowling is going to help me do that,” Coffman said. “I use one cane. I have it there for my security blanket. All I do is stand up there and (my husband) Howard brings me the ball. I'm learning to throw it and keep my balance. Just like everything else. One tiny step at a time until I can walk up there, get my ball and bowl.”

Two and a half years ago, Coffman received the horrible news she was stricken with colon cancer and it was spreading.

Aggressive treatment couldn't keep the cancer from spreading to her right leg and it slowly began to die while the rest of her body was fighting so hard to live. The leg turned all different colors before Howard said it was as dark as night.

Arlene went into septic shock and doctors determined it was time to amputate. The cut was made halfway between the knee and hip.

The pain associated with the cancer was nothing compared to the anxiety she felt after the operation. Sitting still was not for her.

“(Before being diagnosed with cancer) I bowled three times a week,” Coffman said. “I volunteered at the hospital. I was a member of the Lamoille Women's Club. I was always on the go. I never sat down.”

Six months of sitting about drove her mad, but she got through it, thanks in part to good support from family and friends and an array of activities.

As soon as she was well enough, Coffman began working in the yard. She would scoot along the flower beds, kneel and use a pillow to prop up her shortened leg.

Then it was back to volunteering at the hospital. Then bowling.

The latter is the most complicated undertaking yet. Just getting situated is a chore.

“Let me see your foot,” Howard says during the interview. He rests the prosthetic leg on his knee, and wrestles with a shoehorn to get the largest bowling shoe he can find onto her foot.

Arlene slowly makes her way to the lane and finds a good place to stand to complete her round. A granddaughter, Darby, is in town and helps Howard retrieve the ball after every bowl.

Arlene's pre-cancer average was in the 130s. Her top score since the operation - 36. Some skills don't return as quickly as they're lost.

One day Arlene hopes to have the same lifestyle she enjoyed before cancer hit, although she'll have a vastly different perspective.

“People don't appreciate their legs until you don't have one,” Arlene said. “Instead of making 14 trips up the stairs, you stop and put everything together and make one.”

The Coffmans came to Elko in 1989 when Howard took a job with Barrick as a computer engineer. Arlene worked for Elko Garden, but both are now retired and focused on her recovery.

“It was pretty hard to watch,” Howard said. “She's pretty tough. I don't do everything she used to do, but I do a lot. But she's still alive.”

Nicole Steffan Samuelson, Class of 2000
Daughter of
Jim '75 & Cindy Holliday '78 Steffan

Back row left--Doug Keesling, Class of  1987

Zack Kocher, Class of 2004
Thomas Linke, Class of 1982

Patty Link Lewis, Class of 1964, retires from Post Office--- at last!

Patty & Merle

Some photos from the Alaskan cruise taken in 2007 by The class of 1955
Photos shared by Rod Bowen
Click Here

Paul Coffman, Class of 1974

Marsha Long Wierman, Class of 1957, coming home from her class reunion last October. She and Felix (the traveling trophy that she had won) were acting up so they were put out of the vehicle they were riding in with Jim & Mary Matlack Kopfman, Jeanne Matlack Simmons, George & Linda Ross, to find another way home. I am happy to report they made it home OK---lol

Some of the ice Hutchinson, Ks, got before the 7 inches of snow

Linda Long Ross, Class of 1959 & Marsha Long Wierman, Class of 1957

George & Linda Long Ross

Class of 2004,  Josh Oberle

Rebecca Heine Dobbins, Class of 1995

Dennis Wikoff, Class of 1970

Paul Coffman, Class of 1974

A few members of the 1963 class met for a fun trip to South Padre Island.
Mary Taylor Johnson, Chris & Evelyn Coffman, Bill Little & Chuck Younkin
Here are a few photos----

Bill, Mary, Chuck, Evelyn & Chris

Bill, Chuck, Chris & Mary


Evelyn & Bill

 Mary, Bill, & Chuck

 Chuck, Evelyn & Mary

Jeff Wisehart, Class of 1985

  Felix pride at Lyons Hospital with Janet Gates Folger, Class of 1979, Annette Short Hoover, Class of 1964 & Sherry Thorton Bass, Class of 1966 wearing their Felix scrubs on game days. Janet & Sherry work in the Dietary Dept and Annette works in the Physical Therapy Dept of the hospital.
 Way to go Kats!!!!!!

The Alumni have been adding overhead lights above the School photos and memoirs case
 and a new display case in the old part of the High School. Here's a peek--

Virgil Morton and his Lemon Tree in Texas
 (note the short sleeves--unfair for us in Kansas--lol)


Memorial Day Ceremony, From left American Legion Post Commander Kenny Malone, Class of 1964, speaker Pat Briggs, Wilson, Father Kevin Schmidt, and American Legion Auxiliary President Clara Mae Richards salute the colors 

Mary's  trip to Florida,
 Ann Brailoff Martin '62 & Mary Taylor Johnson '63

Ann Brailoff Martin '62
 Mary Taylor Johnson ' 63
 Dana Schroeder '63

Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Sherry Bliss Cole,
Connie Adams Weber, Patty Link Lewis,
Class of 1964 reunited at the
surprise 60th birthday party for Patty

Bill and Martha Little  were in Arizona visiting their
kids and grandkids so they drove to Apache Junction
to visit Jim & Jacque Fowler

Bill Little & Jim Fowler, both 1963

A visit to Ann & Bob Kopfman

Sherry Bliss Cole, Carol Malone Goble, Ann Malone Kopfman
Class of '64, '64 & '70

Bob & Ann Malone Kopfman, Harold & Carol Malone Goble
Class of '69, '70 & '64

The Alumni Association has given the entrance to
the old part of the High School a fresh look.

Jud Dupy, Marsha Long Weiderman,
Gene Haas, Linda Long Ross, George Ross


 Don Lindsey  was in Hutchinson on Saturday June 4, 2005
 for Helen Payne's memorial service.  Dave Peebler
 had a get together on Sunday at his house for anyone
 who wanted to attend. Here are a couple of photos
from that event--all are from Class of 1961

Don Lindsay, Nadine Link Milsap & Bob Adams

Dave Peebler  & Dennis Ruckert

  A scholarship was given to a CHS senior in memory of 
Darlene Kite Neal, Jesse Simmons, Carl  Kelso,
Dwight  Dellinger, and  Dennis  Ashley,
This  was given by the Class of 1959  


A close-up of the gym pad (purchased by your alumni association)
for the south wall of the gymnasium.

The scorer's table which your association
purchased a few years ago. 

Gene Haas